Why Athletes Need Wearable Technology?

Some studies have observed the association between wearable devices and emerging athletes in the pursuit of professional sports. Wearable devices use Bluetooth low energy technology, which has many variants, such as fitness trackers, apps, or sports watches.   Although wearable devices have a comfortable and stylish appearance, their functions have more benefits. Athletes use personalized …

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Poland! DTNO.1 is coming!

As a globally well-known brand, DTNO.1 is again going to meet our worldwide fans outside of China. From November to December, DTNO.1 will go to Poland, Brazil, and Dubai to meet customers face-to-face. The first stop of the three international trade fairs is set in Poland, China Brand Show Poland 2022, which will be held on November, 24-26(local time).

Recalling the magic journey of DTNO.1 in CES 2019

DTNO.1, a leading smartwatch manufacturer, has been focusing on wearable technology for more than ten years, following the developing path of high-end wearable technology to produce the best affordable smartwatches for global customers. On the other hand, DTNO.1 seizes every chance to make a connection with our customers. Before the outbreak of the pandemic at the end of 2019, DTNO.1 had attended many technology conventions all around the globe. Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is one of them.

Novel New Smartwatch DT3 Max+ with the chip ATK 8910 ignites market passion

In the previous blog post, we introduced you to the extraordinary self-developed chip ATK 8910, showing you the powerful performance of the chip, but which smartwatch will be equipped with this chip has become the biggest curiosity of DT NO.1 fans. Now, the mystery is revealed. The new arrival smartwatch DT3 Max+ will be the first one to be equipped with this powerful chip.