NO.1 Android Smart watch D7, standby time 5 days

Through the concept of the stage, experienced a decorative period. In the people still marvel at the beautiful appearance of Samsung Gear S3, 2017 Nuo Jiayuan NO.1 has opened the prelude to pragmatism. They guide you to really into the scene application, the latest one Android smart watch NO.1 D7 appear in our field of vision.
What is the difference? As far as I know, NO.1 D7 with 1.3 inch IPS fashion round screen design. Case made of 316L stainless steel carefully crafted. This is more durable than ordinary case. Its appearance with a unique Rolex Oyster triangle pendants, create a classic watch design style. Fusion Italian sheepskin strap, even more fashionable and high-end.
Smart watches have become a major concern in the mobile industry. But until now, they still can not meet the needs of consumers. The main reason is that smart watches are unspeakable for battery performance. On the smart watch, NO.1 is one of the most stable companies. Because NO.1 continue to develop smart watches and expand domestic and foreign markets. The most striking is the ability to operate independently of the all-intelligent Android watch. Recently out of the NO.1 D7, more attractive to more consumer attention. Because NO.1 commitment D7 has 5 days of standby time. This is before D5, D6 double standby, this improvement is really quite attractive.
In order to achieve this, NO.1 D7 equipped with a super-power dual-core chip and Android system. RAM 1G and ROM 8G memory just right, the successful implementation of energy consumption optimization. In addition, it seems to update to the second generation heart rate sensor, the daily activities to monitor. More built-in sports tracker, all the time to accurately monitor your daily sleep length and quality, exercise, calories, distance, to help you complete the movement target. The new compass, the elevation of the peer watch is also relatively rare function. Which for outdoor enthusiasts, is undoubtedly a high-quality choice.
Previous D5, D6 provide GPS positioning system and unique customization capabilities. They can support a variety of custom fashion dial. Presumably D7 should at least be such a configuration. More than that, NO.1 D7 can be inserted into the SIM card so that the watch can be used as independent as the phone. Its 3G network and WIFI smooth degree, prompting users to download more APP. Open up more functional fun, use it more convenient.
As a smart watch common function, Bluetooth 4.0 intelligent reminder information content is naturally business series NO.1 D7 indispensable. It is compatible with Android and IOS system of smart phones, this compatibility will undoubtedly greatly increase the audience.
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At present, NO.1 D7 compared to the previous D5 + reduced a lot. I heard the price as long as the Apple Watch series of 1/10. This is certainly a very competitive price. But this watch is still not officially sold. It is estimated that the recent sale will begin. How long will we wait?





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