NO.1 D5+ Best smart watch connect Bluetooth earphone

Able to enter the mainland market Android Wear watch much, but does not mean that smart watches in mainland China stagnated. Because a lot of brand momentum introduced a wide range of smart watches. No.1 recently released a new smart watch D5 +. Although not use Android Wear, but the use of Android 5.1 system and provide 3G connection.


No.1 D5+ sheet metal body with leather belts, with IP65 waterproof certification. Full circular screen with resolution of 360 x 360, built MediaTek MTK6580 processor, 1G RAM, 8G storage and 450mAh battery. In addition to mobile phone connection via Bluetooth connection, you can also put in SIM card and 3G Internet access. Using Android 5.1 system D5 + smart watch can receive and make calls, send and receive SMS messages. It also has to detect heart rate, pedometer, barometer and other health functions. NO. 1 D5+ best smart watch phone built-in alarm, the weather, a variety of surface replacement, health data synchronization.


Relatively than the previous NO.1 D5 smart watch, NO.1 D5 + smart watch with some extra features. Such as it can connect the Bluetooth earphone. Look at the video of this features.