NO.1 D7 Firmware

Update! There is a 6.13 firmware available, check the wireless update. This firmware has resolved all the known issues, please install it and after that don’t forget to make a factory reset! About the contact name on the incoming calls, that is the permission issue of Android devices. In some Android phones, the watch doesn’t allow to display the contacts. We’re still working one this, please be patient. Thanks

We are here discussing the firmware issue and provide technical help.

Check if there are something that help.

User manual :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170415 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170422 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170526 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170613 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170622 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170714 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170912 :

NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20171130 :

Resolved weather and battery issues

SP_Flash_tool :

Drivers :

Funfit :

Funfit :

2.7.9 version apk :


Firmware update tutorial :



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269 thoughts on “NO.1 D7 Firmware”

  1. Reinhardt Meißner

    I have received an OTA update today for my D7. I thought the mistakes are being rectified, but since this, nothing is working. Battery drains down 1% in 1 minute. Step counter is not working, the weather app means “cannot find location”, WLAN connection goes on and off, showing the clock at arm movement is not working, remote musicplayer does nothing and so on. I have not seen anything like this in 30 years as an IT developer.

    1. Hi Reinhardt, make a factory reset after firmware upgrade. Check the firmware version, which version do you have?

      1. Reinhardt Meißner

        hi Jon,
        I have made a factory reset and my firmware is Build No. RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY_A ,Kernel 3.4.67 13 Jun

  2. I am also the same situation.
    Battery is now immediately expire.
    The latest firmware is a change for the worse.

    1. Please check your firmware version. I’m afraid that you did not upgrade successfully. Also don’t forget to make a factory reset after firmware upgrade.

  3. Olá sou do Brasil e identifiquei o problema de alto consumo de bateria:
    OS fun está consumindo 30% então, deve se realizar um firmware que diminua esse consumo ou trocar o OS. Pelo android 5.1 puro para smartwatch.
    Mesmo usando em tudo reduzido o smartwatch tem a bateria somente para 8h de uso contínuo, e, não é isso a proposta apresentada pela empresa com seus 500mah. Do NO.1 D7.
    Se trata de propaganda enganosa.
    Arrumem isso por favor!
    Estamos no aguardo de uma resposta rapida!

    1. The latest firmware 6.13 version has resolved such issue. You just need to update to the latest firmware and make a factory rest after firmware update.

      1. Olá jon!
        Eu já realizei esse upgrade 6.13 e não resolveu o problema da bateria!
        Fiz o processo de restauração de fábrica e depois atualizei conforme informado por você e nada se resolveu, pelo contrário agora o consumo da bateria está a 1% por minuto.

        1. Hi Alex, your problem is the same as Reinhardt, try to charge it to 100% and see how long the battery last.

  4. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hi Jon,
    I pressed the button for 10 seconds. The battery was previously at 100%. After the restart the display was after only one minute at 95% and after 5 minutes at 90%. The watch has a SIM card and was in power saving mode. Before the OTA update I had at least 20 hours of battery life. The step counter function now returns. For the remote music function, however, the clock is missing the A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth profile.

    1. Hi Reinhardt,
      If this firmware is not as the previous one, you can download it here and downgrade the firmware manually. IMO, the problem is because you let the screen always on, try to charge it 100% and see how long the battery last.

  5. Preciso do drive para windows 10.1 para fazer a atualização via USB .

      1. Os drivers disponíveis são dos windows 98, xp, vista e 7.
        Todos incompatíveis com windows 10.1 eu já assisti o tutorial e sei fazer o procedimento via usb, porém para o sistema reconhecer o Smartwatch desligado precisa deste drive.

      2. Olá Jon!
        Melhorou um pouco o problema da bateria do No.1 D7, usei o smartwatch o dia inteiro e precisei de recarregá-lo a noite mas, ainda está muito abaixo da proposta de vocês que foi anunciada na propaganda do aparelho com seus 500mah.
        Agradeço pelo esforço e estou acreditando em seu trabalho.

        1. Hi Alex,

          Yes, we’ll keep on hard working. D7 supports OTA update, right? So please wait for our update, we’ll do some system optimization to make battery life longer.

  6. Hi, Jon,
    I just got my D7 and updated to the lastest firmware. I found a couple of problems (I haven’t used it long enough to see if there is any other issue) and hope you can help.
    First for the google play app, I could not find anyway to use the setting, as the 3 bars on the top right hand corner was out of the screen display area. Is there a way to show up the 3 bars for bright up the setting?
    Second, the lift hand to light up the screen was not working properly. It works for lifting the hand but it also turns the screen on when the hand was not lift. It looks like whenever the hand stops moving, the screen turns on. The main problem for this is the screen will stay on until the screen off setting time is up (minimun is 15 seconds), and that consumes a lot of battery. I had a D6 and it would turn the screen off in 3 seconds when it was turned on by lifting hand. Is it just my watch problem or a software issue? I would like the screen turns off in 3 seconds when it was on by lifting hand.
    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi J C,

      The google play app issue, yes, you can’t access the 3 bars, but you can click the blank to search the apps. Also swipe from left to right, you’ll get the settings, you can find everything here. 🙂

      And about screen off time, thanks for this feedback, we’ll try to adjust it.


      1. Hi Jon,
        Thank you for letting me know how to bring up the google play settings. It works but I had to swipe a few times before the settings came up.
        Thank you for your help and hope your engineers can have the lift hand screen on time reduce to 3 seconds to save battery life in next firmware update.

        1. Hi J C, I’m not sure, because the hardware G-sensor is not the same as the G6/S9, so I’m not sure if D7 supports. 🙁

          1. Hi, Jon,
            I still hope your engineers will be able to implement the 3 seconds screen off timer for the lift hand screen on function. This would make the watch much more user friendly and usable. At the moment if I had the lift hand light up the screen on the battery would run out much quicker so I have to turn this off. It makes the watch function much more limited and hard to use as whenever you want to have the screen on you have to press the power button. I would think the screen on trigger signals from the power button and the g-sensor are different and should be able to have different off timer. This function is already implemented on other No.1 devices (as I mentioned before, the D6 has this function), so I trust your engineers will be able to do it as this will make the D7 much more attractive for buyers. There are issues I had noticed after only using the D7 for a few days:
            1. the Alt is not showing the correct number. The 1st time I checked, it showed 12.5M but then from the 2nd time I checked, it showed -1338.6M. And has been staying on that number.
            2. the Sleep monitor function is not working, I turned sleep monitoring on when I went to bed but in the morning when I checked it was only showing 00:00.
            3, the NFC, there is nowhere I can find how to use the NFC. According to the D7 spec, it should have NFC to unlock NFC enable door lock. Could you please advise how to use the NFC function?
            Thank you very much for your help and trust your engineers will make the D7 software a great one.

          2. Hi J C,

            Thanks for this suggestion, I’ll try to make our engineer understand this and shorten the screen off timer.

            And what’s your D7 firmware version? ’cause the Alt issue is just like the weather, we’ve solved it in the 6.13 version.
            Does weather app work well for you? Did you try to enable GPS or network to see if there is any difference.

            About the Sleep monitor, you need to enable it on the sleep feature when you go to work and shut it down when you wake up manually.

            How to use the NFC feature, you can learn something from this video review.

  7. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello Jon,
    I have the last firmware version 20171306 manually flasht. Afterwards, some settings were changed differently than after the OTA update and the battery life is now much longer. Problems are still causing the weather app and the remote music player. I have the idea that the OTA update is faulty. The time for the download of the OTA package up to the start of the update was also very short (about 1 minute). Now do further tests with SIM, wifi and BT. Can you install a function that automatically turns off mobile data reception when wifi is connected, and again when wifi is disconnected.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi we are going to release a new firmware, mainly for weather issue. And about the remote music player, do you mean you can’t control the music player in your phone?
      Thanks for suggestion, about the radio switching, I’m afraid not, ’cause most people use both of the signal, wifi for network surfing, mobile data for calls, messages. Anyway thanks.

  8. Olá Jon poderia inserir na tela inativa o tempo de 5 segundos, isso ajudaria a diminuir o gasto com a bateria.

    1. Hi Alex, I know 5 seconds is too long, just as J C said, we’ll make it more power-saving.

  9. Hi, Jon,
    Thank you for the link to the video review about NFC function, I will try it later. My D7 has the 6.13 firmware and I had done a factory reset after OTA. I had tried Atl with GPS and wifi on but still getting around -1338M. The weather is also not working, it just stayed on with “Loading weather….” and then came up with position fail error. For the sleep function, I did turn on the sleep model when going to bed and turned off the sleep model after waked up, but the today page always only showed 00:00. I hope your engineers will resolve these issues in the coming firmware updates.
    Today, I just found out there is one major issue for me. I had put a sim card in D7 and had mobile data turned off. But I just found out there were some mobile data being used by the watch. I checked the settings and found the mobile data was on after leaving home. I turned it off again and later found out it automatically turned back on again! I do not want to turn airplane mode on as I need to have the phone function on. My sim plan only has very limited data and I do not want to pay for using extra data. Could you please let me know if there is a way to stop the mobile data from turning on automatically? You help is really highly appreciated.
    BTW, my D6 back cover was cracked. Could you please let me know how can I order a D6 back cover?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi J C,

      Thanks for these feedback, we’ve just released a new firmware, this firmware is mainly for weather issue, the Atl is also the weather issue. Please install the new firmware to see if the weather works well in the new firmware. And about the sleep function, we found that it is because of the G-sensor issue. We are now working on this. And the last one, the mobile data issue, it is because we made some optimization on the previous firmware(in order to save power) But it seems that this doesn’t work as we expected. Thanks for this feedback. We’ll fix it in the new firmware.

      And about the D6 back cover, there is a chance to get a free one. We are holding a long term contest for No.1 products’ accessories.(straps,back cover, charger, etc.) Here is the giveaways entrance. It is quite easy to get one.

      1. Hi Jon,
        I just found out about the mobile data automatically on issue was caused by the “Power-save..”—>”Screen autom..” function. When I un-ticked this function, the mobile data now will stay off and not turn back on automatically. I think this is a bug in the software, as my D6 is not doing this when I have the scree auto off function on. When I had the mobile data off it stayed off until I manually turned it on.
        I did the OTA update today and the weather was working when I 1st checked, but when I tried to refresh later it failed again. Same as the Alt, it showed 12.83M at 1st time. But again, when I checked the second time, it showed -1338.94M and stayed on around that number.
        Thank you.

        1. Hello J C,

          Thanks for this important feedback. As we assumed that our last adjustment are awful. It was adjusted for saving battery life, but it is not as we expected.

          And about the weather issue, I received a feedback is just like you said, the first time it works after refresh, no the app sucks. But if you reboot it then the weather works again.

          Thanks again for this important feedback. I’ll contact our engineer and make sure he understand what’s going wrong.


          1. Hi Jon,
            Thanks for the new firmware (7.14) update. It looks like the weather, ALT and mobile data auto on (when screen automa… ticked) issue are all working normal now. But I noticed the weather forecast is not available anymore. Also, the screen off timer for the “open hand brig…” is still the same as the screen off timer setting (minimum 15 seconds) and the sleep mode function still not working. I hope your engineer will have these fixed in next update.
            I just found my watch’s wifi kept dropping off recently and when I checked the wifi signal it’s always poor/weak even when very close to the wireless router. I am wondering if that could be my watch’s wifi antenna connection issue. Could you please let me know if there is a way I can check the antenna connection?
            BTW, I am still wondering if I can order a D6 back cover.
            Thank you.

          2. Thanks, you can get a D6 back cover here.
            About the off timer, sorry, most of the users think that is OK. And we’ll probably not shorten it. Yes, no weather forecast anymore we need to use another weather service to make the weather work worldwide.

            Abou the wifi signal, I did not have this issue, I use it for weather update only. Did you tick up the power saving, screen off and wifi off?
            Anyway thanks for these feedback.

  10. Reinhardt Meißner

    I received yesterday the latest OTA update. After the reboot of the clock, she showed a dead droids with an exclamation mark over it and went into a bootloop. The loop could not be stopped by pressing the button for 10 seconds. I then ran it until the battery was empty. What can I do now to get the clock back in motion.
    Best regards
    Reinhardt Meissner

    1. Hi Reinhardt,

      Download the firmware, connect your watch to pc, flash the firmware manually. After firmware update the watch will back to normal.(You need to charge it before firmware update)
      And about how to make a firmware update. Check this.

      Best regards

  11. I’ve installed this firmware and my battery drains in 7 hours. I’m getting angry. I did factory reset and hard reset and it sucks. Do something! It shouldn’t be like this.

    1. Hi Lukasz, I understand how you feel. We are doing something, firmware testing. If there is any good news, I’ll inform you.

  12. VenkataKishore

    Hi jon,
    Can we install custom watch faces on the D7. If we can install please let me know how to install it and from where. Does installing a custom watch fae affect battery life on anything on D7.


    1. Hi VenkataKishore, yes of course, you can download the watchface here.
      And how to install watchface on D7, download and extract the watchface, connect your watch to pc, create a new folder in your D7(folder must be named ClockSkin), transfer the files to the folder, make sure there is no double folder in the clockskin folder, otherwise, the watchface will not display. Go to the watchface page, long press and select the one you like.

  13. manuel fernandez

    I’m very frustrating about my new D7, I ‘cant paring with Iphone bluetooth the phone indicate the devise is not compatible.
    I try to find a solution but nothing…
    another the battery duration are weak, please give a solution…..!!!!!!

  14. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello John,
    I still have a G6 v2. I wanted to keep it up to date. But when I load the scatter file an error message: Error: TS_ROM3 0xFFFFFFFF 0xFFFFFFFF Unsupported file_type in GFH_FILE_INFO.
    Flash image is: NO.1_G6_B_1702201757
    Given it an image which works.
    Best regards

      1. Reinhardt Meißner

        Hi Jon,
        I have the latest Flashtool from your site, but it seems as this issue is caused by windows 10.
        Kind regards

  15. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello Jon,
    I have the latest update from 0714 via OTA installed. But the last FunFit App has the Time Zone problem again !! The Timezone ist reset from GMT plus 2 MESZ to GMT+1 after BT connect to FunFit.
    Best regards

      1. Hi Reinhardt, please download the latest version on Google Play. It fixed the time zone issue.

        1. Reinhardt Meißner

          Hello Jon
          I can not install the funfit app from the play store. Google says my device is not compatible. I have a huawai p9. The links on your page all refer to versions other than those in the play store. FunFit_20170422 (2) .rar and funfit-debug.apk. With the pc I can not load the app from the play store, since there is only the install option exists and the app then remotely on the smartphone is installed, which is not. Can you please download the version from the Play stor as download?
          best regards

  16. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello Jon,
    I have installed the funfit app from your link and have the timezone problem again. The app has the version 2.7.7. From the store store I installed the funfit app on my old s4. This app has the version 2.7.8. With this version, the error is no longer there.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Reinhardt, oh, sorry, the Chinese version doesn’t have this issue, so they doesn’t release the 2.7.8 version. Thanks for figuring it out.

  17. Hi, I have the same problem as many of the other users, “Funfit timezone”. I can’t download the last version from playstore because my phone (Moto X Style) is not compatible. The version uploaded here is 2.7.7. Please upload the last one (2.7.8).


    1. Hi Santiago, sorry, I’ll download the Funfit 2.7.9 version and upload it here.

  18. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello Jon,
    I got an update about OTA today. Then the clock was dead. I have to upload the firmware image by flash. Can you please provide this as download. Perhaps the update also fixes the fake weather. I have sunshine every day, 27 degrees and exactly the same air pressure, whether it rains or storms.
    With kind regards from berlin Germany
    Reinhardt Meissner

      1. Reinhardt Meißner

        Hello Jon,
        the Firmware in this link is the same name and size as i had bevor OTA update. Is this the newest?
        Kind regards

        1. The latest firmware version is Aug 3. The one in the link is 7.14. So check the wireless update.

  19. ivan osorio

    buenos días…
    Acabo de adquirir mi D.7 pero tengo un inconveniente la batería totalmente cargada no dura mas de 6 horas.

    quisiera saber si ahi un manual en español, tambien quiero saber como hacer la actualización y saber que version de finware tiene mi dispositivo.


    1. Hi ivan, go to settings, check the wireless update, if there is a new firmware just install it. Sorry, I don’t have Spanish user manual. How to make firmware update manually, please check this.

      1. ivan osorio

        hola jhon.

        entrando por actualizacion me dice que el sistema esta actualizado.

        tengo una quiero descargar watch face e instale en mi smartphone la aplicación Mediatek Smartdevice, active el bluetooth en mi D7 y en mi smarthphone, los dos dispositivos se emparejan. pero en la aplicación cuando le doy conectar me dice que fallo la conexion.

        el otro problema que tengo es que la batería totalmente cargada no soporta mas de 6-7 horas teniendo WIFI, BLUETOOTH Y EN STANDBAY.

        GRACIAS POR SU AYUDA. te agradezco si me cuentas donde puedo conseguir el manual en ingles o donde los puedo descargar. gracias

        1. Hello Ivan, vxp face doesn’t work with Android watches, but MT2502 watches. How to install watchface in Android watches/D7. Please download watchface here. And extract the file, connect your watch to your pc, create a new folder ‘clockskin’ in your watch. transfer the file to this folder. Make sure there is no double folder name in the clockskin. The battery life problem, please accept the latest firmware. After firmware update, if it still not work, reflash the firmware manually will help. I’m uploading the user manual to this post. Later you can download it here.

          1. ivan osorio

            hola jon
            gracias por tu ayuda.
            me podrias decir cual es la ultima verion del finware para instalarla gracias

  20. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello Jon,
    I have the last firmware version now for 3 days on the clock and have still found a lot of errors. The weather and the air pressure are the same every day, there is no longer a preview of the weather of the next days. There was times in an old firmware. When the flight mode is switched back to normal, the GPS will automatically go to the mode “only device”. So the battery is empty within an hour. The sleeping module draws only light sleep would be my old G6 also deep sleep has recorded. The navigation to the self-installed apps is annoying. Scrolling to More and then looking for app. Also, no widgets, e.g. My daily schedule (google calendar widget).
    At the moment I could not recommend any of my friends the purchase of this D7 clock.
    Best regards

    1. The air-pressure, weather features, you need to turn on GPS to get an update. The sleeping module, yes, it is not as accurate as G6. Although I don’t want to admit this, the G-sensor is not as other watches. About the Google calendar, can’t you download and install it?

      1. Reinhardt Meißner

        Hello Jon,
        I can install the calendar but the display of the current events is a widget and there is no way to add widgets on the D7, for example, to the left of the message display. Why is not an app taken for the weather which can determine the location without GPS. Since you often inside buildings is not working GPS. Apps like yahoo Weather or can do that. These apps also have widgets with forecast, radar and weather warnings. The clock is actually designed to be independent of the smartphone, but there are still some functions and a user-friendly UI like this for the D5 made ClockSkinCoco-2.2.6.apk
        Best regards

        1. The previous yahoo weather doesn’t work well in D7, so we use this one. And the widget, I don’t use Google calendar, I don’t know how to use the widget.

  21. OLÁ JON:

    1. Hello, Alex, you just need to manually reflash the firmware, then the watch will return to normal.

  22. Hello everybody,
    I have Smart Watch No.1 D7 and I want to know or Android 5.1 will be available on this item soon? thx

    1. Reinhardt Meißner

      Hi Peter,
      That’s not quite true. The SOC mt6572 supports Android 5.1, the Watch D5, the predecessor of the D5 + ran with 5.1 but had only 512 MB RAM and 4 GB external memory but no FunOS
      Kind regards

  23. Hi Jon, I’m on the latest firmware. Weather is still no good to me, shows the correct location but temperatures are wrong. No matter if gps is on or off, it’s always wrong.

    1. Yes, Santiago. Weather still doesn’t work in somewhere. The new firmware is about to release, maybe this one work well.(oh sorry I can’t make sure that it will work well there, although every firmware works well here.)

  24. Hola que tal:

    Tengo varios problemas, compre la version que no trae sim, y al principio no funcionaba nada bien ( ni traia play store). Me anime a actuializarlo manualmente a la version de agosto y soluciono un par de errores, pero ahora por ejemplo, ya no cuenta los pasos, ni activando la aplicacion o el gps, otro problema que tiene es que maximo me llega a 9 horas sin tener blue, wifi y gps prendido, y a veces se calienta mucho.
    De casualidad saben el motivo de esto? saludos

    1. Hi Anonymous, this is something used to happen to D7, after D7w releases, we received some feedback about this and we already developed a new firmware for it. We are testing the new firmware, don’t worry, tomorrow(maybe longer), you can check the wireless update.

  25. Hello. I have D7 smartwatch. My IMEI number has disappeared . How can I fix it? I will be grateful for your help

      1. trate de regresar el imei pero tampoco pude con el vídeo que pusiste, creí que por eso no me salían las actualizaciones, de casualidad ya estará disponible la nueva actualización?


        1. New update will not auto write the IMEI in your watch, you need to make your watch being detected by the computer, so that you can use this tool to write imei number.

          1. Hi john!

            Perdón por molestar tanto, ya lo identifico mi computadora y ya le pude cambiar el imei, ahora el problema es no tengo el imei original, le puse uno con números al azar, de casualidad no sabes donde puedo encontrar el numero original, porque ya busque en la caja y no aparece (tengo el d7w)

          2. Hi Anonymous, you don’t need the IMEI for D7w, because this watch can’t insert sim card or make photo calls.

  26. Hi!
    By chance the new update will be available for manual installation? I have connection problems

    1. Hi Felix, D7 supports OTA, so it will be installed automatically. You just need to go to the wireless update and accept it.

  27. On my smart watch d7, the heart rate measurement icon disappeared. How can I get it back. Thanks

    1. Hi Janez, sorry, bad OTA, you need to download the firmware here and made a firmware update manually. The new firmware is about to release.

  28. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hello Jon,
    I have on my D7 the firmware version NO_1D7_A_20170803. This is however no more than downloadlink on the your site. There is already a newer version? If yes then please make a download link available. An OTA update I can not do, since I had to root the clock, in order to enter the IMEI again.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Reinhardt,

      This version is bugged, so I deleted it. Don’t worry, we are testing a new firmware, we’ll release it as soon as possible. I’ll also put the download link here. How to write imei, actually you can use the sn-writer to rewrite it.

      Best regards

  29. Hi Jon
    I just found miss calls are not showing in the notification. I had to go to the phone dialer to check the call history to find out if I missed any calls (sometimes they could be important calls). I think this is a major issue for a phone-watch and I hope it will be fixed in the next firmware update. I am using the Jul14 firmware.

    Thank you.

    J C

    1. Hello J C, we are testing the new firmware now, if it still not works, we’ll do more test to solve it.

      1. Hi Jon,

        Found 8.18 OTA update and installed but not booting up. Tried holding power switch 10 seconds a couple of times and when into bootloop. Had to flash back to the Jul14 firmware and then updated ok. But when putting ClockSkin folder into the watch, it did not show any watch face from the ClockSkin folder (worked before 8.18 OTA). I think the ClockSkin caused the OTA to hang. Could you please check and advise?
        Thank you.

        1. Hi J C, I received such issue several times, I tested the 8.3 firmware, but the custom watchface works for me. I told the engineer about this, hope they fix it soon.

          1. Hi Jon
            I updated to the 8.3 firmware before and the watch faces worked for me too. I went back to the 7.14 because I saw your comment saying its bugged. But this 8.18 is even worse. I had it on for one day, not just the watch face not working, the battery just drained to less than 20% over night when nothing turned on after fully charged. I did the OTA in the hope that the miss call notification issue could be fixed but was so disappointed. I hope your engineer could have done a better work for the update. The most important thing to me is the miss call notification and I hope you could give this to your engineer as one of the priority for the next update.
            Thank you for your help.

          2. J C, thank you for your feedback, we have a new firmware already, it is being tested. The miss call notification issue I’ll tell them about this.

  30. Hello Jon, will the NO.1 D7 get update for Android 5 or another?
    Regarding battery life I’m finding it very low, just one day. Other Detail activation of the WIFI / bluetooth connection is not working by the FUNOS option, by sliding the finger from top to bottom.

  31. Hi Vanderlei, no, the MT6572 chip doesn’t support Android 5.0.
    About the battery life, it depends on personal usage. One day is normal, but can improve. Yes, it is a pity that you can’t active the Wifi/bluetooth there. 🙁

  32. Hi john!

    trate de actualizar pero se quedo congelado, espere a que se le acabara la pila y ahora estoy en bootloop, alguna idea porque?

    1. Ah, did you try to flash firmware? Fail to update via OTA, you can make a firmware update manually.

  33. I would like to replace the belt on the smart watch, but I heard that there is a gps built in the belt, or is it true? Thank you, Janez

  34. As OTE you are writing to me the device is rootan and updating is not possible what to do thanks janez

  35. Hi I have problem with battery indicator, when I start to logging a gps position (every 2 minutes), battery indicator stop working and shows bad values. For example watch turning off at 60% of battery, but battery is empty. (latest firmware, latest wireless update).

    1. Please download the 7.14 firmware and make a firmware update manually, bad firmware, please wait for our new OTA.

      1. Hi Jon,

        unfortunately even with latest firmware battery indicator shows bad values with gps logging turned on every 2 minutes. Api in Android shows bad values too, so its not bug in battery indicator itself, but something with firmware or battery measurements.


        1. Hello Johny,

          OK, thanks for your feedback. We are going to release the new firmware, we’ll see if this firmware works well. We’ll release it soon.

  36. On smart watch, I uploaded new faces and then I deleted one, but now the clock does not want to turn on. The screen only writes NO.1. What to do . Thank you, Janez

  37. I’m an old man now wrote me unfortunately fun fun OS has stopped working My computer skills is over What to do now Thanks Janez

    1. Fun OS has stopped, can you shut it download and boot it again? If you could, go to wireless update, check the new update, download and install it. (Make sure D7 has enough power for OTA update. 80% battery life is enough)

  38. I can not get the on-screen updates on the screen just to say that the funOS application has stopped working. On the screen again until the restart is turned off and the clock turns off. Thank you, Janez

    1. Even after you reboot it? Still stick in the FunOS has stopped working? If so, you need to make a firmware update via computer….

  39. toobad after update the whatch have battery drain and so laggy and gps foot steps a others thing like wake up on not work anymore

    1. Hi grillo,

      What’s the firmware version of your D7? Anyway you can download the previous firmware and make a firmware update, we are gonna release a new firmware.

      1. The problem of battery drain appears again when i open The play Store and put The gmail and sensors die again >.<

        1. The 9.14 firmware is about to release. You said that the imei number is missing. You can use SN_writer to install an IMEI number in you watch.

  40. Reinhardt Meißner

    Hi Jon,
    can you please provide a link for the new firmware, I had often truble with the OTA update in the past.
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Reinhardt,

      OK, once the firmware releases, I’ll upload to the site here. Please check it later, the new firmware is not been released.


    1. I can give the download link to you now, if you want to install the new firmware now.

      1. Hi Jon,
        Could you give me the download link for the new firmware? Dose this new one fix the miss call notification issue?
        Thank you.

  41. Hello:
       My D7 does not last more than half a day, with the last firmware. Also the podometer marked two days and stopped counting the steps. What I can do?

  42. The last on has no weather and heart rate. Batery drain fast – NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170714
    with this firmware NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170622 battery keep 8-9 hours but not have the weather app
    And with this one NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170613 -weather and heart rate are on the firmware but the weather is not working and the battery drain in 4-5 hours.

  43. Hi Jon,
    I followed your link to download the 9,14 firmware. I flashed the firmware yesterday and found out the miss call notification is not fixed in this update. Could your engineer put is one as one of the priority for the next update? The miss call notification did show up for the first miss call after the watch first boot following the firmware update but then will not showing any more miss calls (same as the current firmware). Also, the watch face is not showing the heart rate reading anymore and I think this is a new bug. I don’t know what this firmware is trying to improve or fix, but I had to flash back to the previous firmware to get the heart rate reading back on the watch face. Could you please pass this information to your engineer? Hopefully there will be a update fixing the miss call notification issue and less bugs.
    Thank you.

    1. Hello J C,

      Again thanks for your report, I told them about the issues. We’ll do some test again and make some improvements.
      Thank you.

  44. Hello all . I am new with a MO1. D7 and firmware 20170714 and battery life is horrible. I have read for hours but I am not sure about the best Firmware today in terms of battery life. I can afford that some functions will not work since battery life is my main priority.

    In addition, I would like to know if there is any way to display in the watch extended notifications ( I can only see the pop up message ) but I cannot read the full notification.

    Can I increase the size of the notification font?

    Thanks in advance

      1. Hello Jon
        Thanks for your quick replay
        This droid assistant is an amazing application. It is working as expected and the notification system is now almost perfect. Thanks

        I have installed also the firmware version and the battery consumption has improved a lot.

        One more question. Is there any software I can use to track my way through the watch while running or walking leaving the phone at home? Thanks

  45. Hello

    I am trying to get this watchface from the watchface page

    However all watch faces from Alexander Sadovnikov includin the one I need 79S_2 (Fixed the Batt. indi-or) cannot be downloaded anymore.

    Do you know if this is a common issue?
    Do you have that watchface? can you post here an alternative link?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Jorge, I’ll send an email to him, I’ll update the link when I receive his reply.

  46. with the new firmaware I have not gotten the clock to fix the gps satellites. It is normal? does that option no longer work?

  47. hello , i have a smartwatch with mtk 6572 and it was bricked i tried to install the no.1 D7 firmware on it (because it’s the same Fun OS system) and it’s installed now , but the same issue i get is that i have a black screen … can you help me please ? my device is a teenfifteen qw08 , sadly we can’t find any firmware to reinstall the device…

    1. Hello Malick, sorry to hear that. But although they have the same chip and even the same OS, there are many hardware differences, you can’t flash the D7 firmware on it. My suggestion is you can ask the seller to help you. Although they are not manufacturer, they can get the firmware easily from the manufacturer. Re-install the correct firmware will fix it.

  48. I bought N0.1 D7 is this month , is a great smartwatch, but some tips are fair,
    1. the battery drain fast ( max 6 hs not 3 days) according vendor. ( testing mode plane, not wifi , not bluetooth and not gps)
    2. the weather and forescat display ALASKA and not display my región Buenos Aires -Arg
    3. where is the radio FM not display in all watch?
    Y tried to update the last final firmware according this homepage 20170714 but i don´t get better , the battery is similar time life,, the weather much better but dissapear from menú settings and not display forescat only the weather región ( ex Bs.As)
    But navigate in Google y found new firmware 20170912 that doesn´t appear in homepage . Why?
    This firmware is similar to the last last firmware 201701714,not much better. and general the clock is low down when press any icons. Why?
    4. how to use the pedometer ,where is the botton to start/stop the count-steps?
    5- y probe all this firmware and the firmware to works well , guess? is oficial 20170415 display correct the weather and barometer also display the temperature in the another firmware no display the temp. and discover in this firmware to setup in pedometer the gender, height and weight ( the other firmare not display) but i don´t know how to use. Is connect tu FunFit app exclusive? The only disavantage is again THE BATTERY that last aprox 6 hs not 3-4 days.
    The change wath face in ClocSkin download very well alone Android watch no vxp, is correct to say ?
    Y try load the firmware D7W ( 20170921) not sim-card in watch d7 to see the behavior the battery. because not app google play install and the battery last longer , do not?

    1. Thanks for your report. If the 20170415 version works well for you. You can download the firmware and flash it.

      How to make a firmware update manually. Please check the video tutorial above. Or this one.
      We developed many version, the first one is the best one, works well for most users, but not everyone. We kept on working, but more issues occurred. Anyway, thanks for your report. We’ll keep on working.

      1. I have a brand new D7 and have the same issues the battery drains very fast.

        I update the firmware using the menu of the phone however now is worst… the battey still drains very fast but the compass do not work neither the step counter, also It not turns on the screen when I move my wrist.

        How can I return back to the factory firware, this watch is so far very dissapointing.

        Please help.

        1. Hello, above there is a tutorial and many firmware, do you know which firmware is the factory firmware? Just download and follow the tutorial to update it.

          1. Thanks for your answer…

            My Current firmware is RH672_V2_1_W03_NJY_20170714174112, this one still has a very poor battery performance, around 12 hours withouth using any function like wife, data, bluetooth, only checking ocasionally the time. The compass is not working, etc.

            It is planned a “final” firmware that solve all the issues to fulfill all specifications offered originally for this watch? Looks like some firmwares solves one issue and create a different one?

            Thanks in advance for your answer.

    2. Que raro yo le instale la última versión y ya el problema de la batería no me está dando y los sensores funcionan o será por que solo lo uso para el WhatsApp, que raro, antes con la versión anterior con tan sólo encender el WiFi y llegaban los mensajes de WhatsApp se ponía lento y a consumir batería y así le hiciera reset de fábrica no se arreglaba seguía consumiendo batería, solo hasta que le instale la última ya parece que funciona bien y todo sin problemas

  49. Hi Jon,

    Is the firmware RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY-20170714174112 the latest and stable version?
    My watch firmware is this version now but the battery issue still the same and drain very fast and also others problems like weather no data.

          1. Hi Jon….. One full day from 7:00am to 12:00 pm without problems with hundred of notifications on the screen ( maximum brightness) using the recommended watch droid assistant app.

          2. Thanks for your feedback. It seems that Droid assistant app is much better than Funfit. 🙂 That’s funny, I’ll ask our engineers to learn something from them. 😐

  50. Hi Jon,
    JEJE the Last update it seems solve the problems i got with the watch, now i don’t have battery drain and sensors works fine i feel improvements on battery, works very Good THX 😀

    1. Hello grillo,

      jajaja, the last update? Is it the 9.12 version? Thanks. 🙂 Glad that finally there is one works well.

  51. Rifat Erdi SİNGER

    Hi. Can this watch answer the calls which came to paired phone without Simcard? Or do you think any updates or firmwares or any apps about this situation?.

    Best Regards 🙂

        1. Hello Rifat, nope. This kind of watch doesn’t support this feature. 😐

      1. Is there a chance of having this version via OTA? I am affraid of bricking my watch during flashing via usb and the PC.

        1. Sorry Manuel, you can only flash it to your watch, place it in a stable desk, do not move it or unplug it while flashing the firmware.

          1. Thank you very much… I will try. I fails I will ask you for your kind support !!! 🙂


  52. Hi Jon
    Why this snartwatch model d7 not display APPStore and the model d5+ yes?

  53. Hi, I tried to flash my D7 without succes, that is what I did:
    I unzip the drivers and installed manually
    I unzip the firmware and locate the scatter file
    I unzip the SP Flash Tool
    I started SP Flash Tool and look for the scatter load file
    I connected the D7 to the USB (turned off)
    I press Download green arrow
    The green arrow goes off and the Stop goes on…
    Nothing happens… it does exactly the same withe the D7 connected or not.

    When I connect the D7 turned of to the USB it is recognized and I can look for the SD memory.

    Any idea to solve this?

    Thank you very much

    1. Hello Manuel,

      Did you turn off the D7 before you plug it to the computer? After you plug the D7 to the computer, anything happen? The bottom left, there will be a com(not ‘NOR searching’), if the pc can recognize the D7.

      1. Hi Jon,

        The D7 was before Iplug it to the computer, after I plug the D7 to the computer, the PC sounds like detecting it.

        I do not understand what do you mean with “The bottom left, there will be a com(not ‘NOR searching’)” ?

        Sorry for being so annoying.


  54. Hi Jon,

    Look like I am not getting the MT65XX Preloader driver properly installed.

    Where can I get a functional MT65XX Preloader driver for installing and late try to run the SP Flash Tool.

    Thanks in advance for your kind help.

    1. Sorry Manuel, bad network, I can’t access Google. You can google vcom or drivers for spflash_tool.

      1. Jon, finally after dozens of attempts I was able to flash my D7 with the 20170912 firmware version.

        I will try all the expected features and let you know the results.

        Thanks for your help.

        1. I’m very happy, you can manage to flash it by yourself. 🙂 OK, look forward to your feedback.

  55. 224/5000
    Dzhon dobry den’. Budet li v chasakh №1 d7 realizovona vozmozhnost’ zvonkov bez sim karty, kak v drugikh smart chasakh. Ochen’ khotelos’ by imet’ vozmozhnost’ zvonkov i otpravku soobshcheniy bez sim karty, cherez prilozheniye funfit blyutuz.
    John is a good day. Will the clock number 1 d7 realizes the possibility of calls without a SIM card, as in other smart watches. I would very much like to be able to make calls and send messages without a SIM card, via the funfit bluetooth application.

    1. Hello Dmitriy,

      Sorry, but D7 doesn’t support this feature. 🙁 You can’t answer the phone call without a sim card inserted.

  56. Rifat Erdi SİNGER

    I updated my D7W watch to firmware version D7_A_20170912-1130. It worked successfully with great battery usage which made a huge difference. I was really happy with this new firmware until i noticed the hour on watch. Here is Turkey and we use +3 Time Zone. But the watch sticks on +2. Obsitanately… I tried to swith of Network Provided Time setting (Automatic Time&Date). Then changed it to +3 manually but after a while it changed to +2 again. I said ok, i can take one hour ahead then it will look like +3. But its not worked either. I couldn’t figure it out why. Can u help me on this situation please? 🙂

    1. Hello Rifat, it looks like the it is because of the change of time zone data base. Just like the Russian time zone changed in 2013. And the old data base doesn’t work well. I’ll tell our engineer about this. 🙂 Thanks for your report.

  57. Hello Jon
    I´m not refer to Google Play I refer to AppStore in this model not appears. In model D5+ appear both ( Google play and AppStore) Why ? Is he for Android O.S. ) 4.4.2 vs 5.1?
    This not problem the firmware

    1. Oh, D5+ doesn’t need the watch helper, you can use it without the companion app. 🙂

  58. Hi Jon. I’ve just purchased the F4 smart watch mainly for the pedometer besides all the extras. However the step count is stupidly out, it counts when I’m driving the car! Just wondered if you knew if there was a way around this or should I send it back. Thankyou

    1. Hello Karen, for pedometer, in this point, F4 doesn’t work as well as some other products. Although we’ll keep working on this issue, after several firmware update, it is still not accurate. So you know what to do. 🙂

  59. Hello Jon , one question how to use the pedometer in smartwatch d7 . I don´t find the button to start steps as account.

    1. Hello, the pedometer will work automatically, you don’t need to turn it on.

  60. Hi Jon,

    As I mentioned before I flash 20170912 firmware version successfully and so far I have the following issues:

    – The wifi hotspot function is not working, I turn it ON and I can connect other devices to the D7 WiFi, however I can no navigate at all, I tried with and without password.

    – The sleep function does not work, only records the time from the moment I turned it ON to the time I turned it off, all this time appears as Deep Sleep,

    – The compass works in a random way, sometimes goods and sometimes is crazy

    – The battey drain is still an issue, far far away from the offered of 4 days, I can reach maximum 16-18 with only a few short calls, some minutes of data connection, automatic screen on when I moved the wrist is off.. I I decide to turn on wifi or dato to navigate the D7 gets hot and the battery drain really fast.

    Any idea to improve this Jon? I have special interest in the hotspot function.

    Best regards.

    1. Hello Manuel,

      You can create password for the wifi hotspot in D7. About the sleep function, do you wear it properly? Does the function, turn wrist to show time works well?

      The compass you need to turn your wrist to calibrate it before you use it.

      About the battery life, it depends on personal usage, 4 days battery life is in standby time.

      1. Hi Jon,

        Maybe I was unclear regarding de hotspot, I do can connect to the D7, I can see in other device the D7 wifi signal, I can connect to it however I can not navigate or access any internet. I used the same SIM installed in the D7 in other cell phone and I can share internet without any issue. Any suggestion?

        About the compass I calibrate as indicated and sometimes works sometimes not.

        And again all of us know that the battery life is the main issue with the D7, of coarse I do not expect 4 days in regular use but so far I can reach much less than one day barely using it, with the last firmware update it has in improvement but still the battery performance is very poor, hopefully you can release a new firmware soon that really fix this problem and not create another issues.

        1. Hello Manuel, sorry, I’m not sure if it is the firmware issue, you can reflash the firmware to see if it works. And about the

          1. Thanks for your answer Jon,

            You mean reflash the firmware with the same most recent firmware?


  61. When new OTA update i dont have computer to load other firmware manually. I have 1500025188 is ok but i would like update where heart rate app takes measures along the day.

    1. Hello Carlos, sorry, this firmware doesn’t support this feature.(heart rate measurement along the day) Neither the new firmware supports this,

  62. After having done an exhaustive analysis of each firmware including that of 20170912 with respect to the functions of the d7
    In principle I could not get the battery to last more than 8 hours, it was consumed very quickly with the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Gps turned off
    So load the firmware 20170622 again returning by default to factory making the forecast correctly show ok. podometer OK. Barometer OK, minus the altitude that is wrong.
    But the incredible thing of everything and I do not know why the battery came to last me for 96 hours, tested without Wifi, Bluetooth or GPS. With Wifi it lasts a little less.
    But I still can not figure out what is due. Suppose you rera Google Play because it did not show me look for app at first But that’s not it either.
    It will NOT be the Clean Master app, or any other application
    So I recommend firmware 20170622 with 20170912 the clock is slow to show the screens.
    Someone happened to suddenly the battery lasts more than 96 hours ,?
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the exhaustive analysis. Actually, I heard something about the previous firmware,(0622) the battery lasts longer, the latest firmware(0912), it is OK, not as short as 8 hours. Thanks for your report, I’ll tell our engineers about this. 🙂

    2. Hi Gustavo,

      Have you ever tried the function of “sharing” internet? I mean using de D7 as WiFi hotspot?

    3. Fully Agree with Gustavo, the 6/22 version works well for me too…. 2 things I have not been able to get are:
      1>) Is the weather automatically refreshing? Does not work for me
      2>) I have a SIM from AT&T but when I try to register it to the network, it says that the network is not ready…….. SIM is working well in other devices…

      Any idea?


      1. 1) You need to turn on GPS and wifi to get a update.

        2) 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900; 3G WCDMA: 850/2100; This is the band that D7 supports.

  63. Is there anything about weather, barometer and altimeter. nothing works for me

    1. Hello Janez, does the previous version work for you. I’m sorry that our engineers can’t make it work for all the countries. All these versions, some work well for others, while the other don’t. 🙁

  64. I’ve tried all the firmware of which you did some people doing, but the data is inaccurate

  65. Iván Dario Osorio

    Hola Jon.
    Tengo un smartwarch D7al cual dejo de funcionarle el tochscrem, la primera ocasion que fallo a los 2 dias volvio a funcionar. Despues de aproximadamente 1 semana un dia despues de estar cargada la bateria se agoto en menos de medio dia, al cargar el smart y reiniciarlo nuevamente el tochscreem dejo de funcionar.

    Al mes de no dejar apagar el D7 el toch volvio a funcionar, pero nuevamente la bateria se descargo muy rapido. Lo he cargado pero el toch no sirve… necesito ayuda urgente

    1. Hello Ivan, did you try to reflash the firmware? But it sounds like you have damaged the screen. Water or sweat something, turn it off, dry it, maybe it will survive.

  66. Porque no tengo la aplicacion del tiempo en mi D7? Porque no funciona ni el tiempo, ni el altímetro?

      1. he actualizado a 9.12 pero mi D7 va muy lento. Las manecillas del reloj funcionan a saltos y la pantalla tarda en responder

        1. It seems that the system did not run well, did you make a reset after you update to this firmware?

  67. ¿Porque mi firmware es 20170803 si el ultimo oficial en la pagina web es 21070714? ¿Porque dura tan poco la batería?¿Porque me faltan

  68. Hi,
    With this firmware: RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY_NO1_A_20170912113054 this is not working:
    Weather is showing me 25 degree even outside is 1 or 6. No option to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. From FunFit you don’t have the option for “Unit change” like in FunDO. Maybe you will also update this application to support this.
    For battery with GPS, WI-Fi, bluetooth and mobile data after one day battery drain only 40 procent.
    The other application is working fine.

    1. Maybe you can download the previous firmware, I’m sorry, this one does work well for everyone.

  69. Manuel Galindo

    Hi, since a week ago my D7 suddleny turns off (shutdown), initially I suppossed that was out of battery however once I connect the chager it shows that has charge (50%, 70%) if turned on again it works ok for some minutes and turns of again. I reset the phone with no better results.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

  70. i have the version 20170912. When the bluetooth is on, the battery crashes after 3′. From 100%, the smartwatch is closed and the battery shows 0%. When everything is off, the battery can be 12hours about. I have the phone less than 1 month.

      1. Dear Jon, how to reflash the firmware at Windows 10? Also, where can i find the firmware?Please note that before have this issue, the battery had life for 10hours.

  71. Hi i have problem with me D7 i dont have in menu apk wheater(ikon). If i scroll from glock to left it is but dont work correctly . What can i do

    1. i have this watch two days older version when i buy was RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY-20171130100503 weather apk missing then i make firmware update and now i have RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY-20170912113054 but stil dont work

    2. Hello Milan, we deleted the weather app in the latest firmware version. You can download a new one via Google Play.

      1. OK thx you. Can you please send me link for the last one firmware for me Watch. ??? With regards Milan

        1. or for the original what i have RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY-20171130100503 first one.

    3. hi i just bought the no 1 d7 and i have installed the google pay app on it but cannot get it to work i mean cannot add any card or when i tried to add card it says device might be rooted and bootloader might be unlocked….

      is it possible to make payment via google pay on this watch


  72. Can you send me pls link for firmware RH672_V2.1_W03_NJY-20171130100503???

  73. Dear Jon, is there another way to put the firmware except windows 7? I have not any pc with windows 7

    1. Hello ILIAS, I heard that you can use win 10 to flash the firmware, but it is different, I don’t know how to install the drivers.

      1. Dear Jon,
        how to make Factory Reset? i Reflashed the firmware ant it still the issue of the battery exists. It is terrible.

        1. Hello ilias, go to the settings, about device, there will be a factory reset option.

  74. Hola Jon do you have the firmware upgrade for smart band HFit 5906 v 1.89?

    1. Hello Humbert, sorry, but I don’t know this bracelet, I can’t help you, sorry.


    Dear All,
    after the new firmware i placed (Nov 17), the battery issues still exists. I am very dissapointed of the smartwatch. I do not know what else to do. Be very careful

    1. Hello ILIAS, I heard that this firmware doesn’t work well for all the users. I uploaded a old firmware, some users told me that it works well, you can have a try.

      1. Dear Jon,
        i placed the 4 last firmwares but the battery still have issues. All these 2 weeks after i received the watch.

        1. Hello, it is confirmed that, the 0622 version is better than the latest one. 🙂

  76. Hi Jon , after the new firmware i placed (Nov 17), my report
    1- the battery issues still exists and heat.
    2- Not data display Weather, Barometer and Altimeter.
    I´m back to firmware NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170622 ( Jun 22)
    The battery last longer and display data for Weather, barometer and altimeter

  77. Hi, I stopped using it for a month and today I want to use it again,but do not charge the battery or turn on, any ideas why?I already put it to charge an hour and nothing

  78. Hi, how can I add watchfaces to D7? Can I view the weather in the latest 1130 firmware?

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