NO.1 D9, which specs you need.

Hello everyone, we are going to launch NO.1 D9, a square Android smartwatch, the first Android watch which supports removable metal straps, metal straps, solid frame. Now there are two options for you to choose.


Version 1 : 512MB RAM + 8GB ROM
Version 2 : 1GB RAM +16GB ROM ($10 more than version 1)

Version 1 is about $10 cheaper than version 2, please tell me which one you like, the larger storage one or the cheaper one.  and you can leave comment about why you make the choose in this page, we will read all comment and feedback to our products. Thanks.

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Thank you for joining this poll and your support for NO.1 Smartwatch.

30 thoughts on “NO.1 D9, which specs you need.”

  1. Rafael Duarte

    do more pool asking for detail specification,i would like to add,display 1.67 or 2 inches edge to edge full screen,NFC,larger battery 680Mah,Wireless charging capabilities,flash light,4g lte,assigned function button,and the most important speaker and mic high end.
    there is a new screen with solar charge capabilities and screen protector with 79% for outside sun protection.
    Maybe a crownfunding device

  2. Yes 2 inch screen, GPS, heart rate monitor and large battery 680Mah following lemfo lem4 is something I want.

  3. I agree with the last comment, more info is needed.

    A couple of points:

    If the D9 is a true Android device then do you really believe that 512mb would be enough for a good user experience?? Personally, I highly doubt it.

    Also I don’t think an extra $10 is going to be a deceiding factor when it comes to purchase.

    If No1 wishes to make a highly successful device you need to offer up LOTS of possible options and then listen to feedback. (Which many manufacturers do not)

    Another important thing will be software, as so many smart watches use the exact same – and in my opinion – terrible generic software.
    Whatever the final hardware specs will be, please make sure the software is fully optimised and bug free, even possibly offer OTA updates. these are the things that will help make No1 stand out from every other generic Chinese brand.

    1. Hi Russ, thanks for your suggestion. It seems that most people need the 1G ram storage, I’m not sure whether $10 will be a deciding factor for purchasing, so we made this pull for all of you to vote your like. And yes, you are right, more options will be more popular with users. But more features means more difficults, I mean when developing the firmware, more features, more bugs exposed. That will take many time to test, so it will delay the release date. Generic software, we are trying to make new app, but it seems that it is hard to meet people’s requirements…..

    1. Good idea, this feature is very practical, useful. We’ll add this feature in it.

      1. Hi Jon

        I was looking for Android Smart Watch with a blood pressure last few weeks but I could only find one with a heart rate monitor. Personally I have a high blood pressure so I need to monitor my BP regularly. I do not understand why this good tool is not added to Android Smartwatch but other smartband & smartwatch & Fitbits etc.
        If you add this to D9, it will be very much benefit to who those have a high blood pressure problem and I will definitely buy D9 with a BP monitor.


        1. Hi Chillie,

          Thanks for your suggestion. Yes, this feature is very important, useful. Why smartwatch doesn’t support this feature while bracelet does. It is because in fitness features smartwatch is not as professional as smartband. We’ll add this feature in it, but imho, all these results are just a reference, you should not rely on it. Medical equipment is the most reliable one.


          1. Hi Jon

            Thanks for your quick reply.
            At home I do have a proper/latest medical blood pressure monitor which was recommended by my doctor but I cannot carry it all the time as it is practically too big. I do not expect Smartwatch to measure BP just like a medical equipment & I won’t rely on Smartwatch BP monitor completely however if I can carry something with me to monitor my BP trend as long as it displays rough BP figures/status.
            My best choice so far is Android Smartwatch with a BP monitor not just a bracelet nor health watch.
            I hope you add it to D9 sooner.


          2. Hi Chillie, yes, I agree with you, that’s how the fitness band/watch works. Android watches with a bp monitor, I’m not sure if we could insert a bp monitor in it, but any news I’ll let you know. If I have a sample, I’ll take some pics or videos and posted it here. But D9 is not that fast to release, G9 is No.1’s next product. Anyway, please stay tuned for NO.1.

  4. The most important thing is to release kernel source code. If you do not do this, I am not buying it. No matter which feature you are adding

    1. No, why? You know something called copyright? If everyone know the kernel source code, there will be many copies in the market.

      1. Ah. You know gpl? Every vendor has to release kernel source code. It’s a general law. And this counts for every android powered device. No matter whether it’s a phone or watch.
        And what should be copied? The touchpanel driver? This is provided by the manufacturer of the touchpanel. And same goes for every other kernel driver.
        Maybe you don’t know what I am talking about?

        1. ha, no, I don’t know what are you talking about, I’m not a coder. I can’t promise anything relates to source code.

      2. Well, that is the idea of opensource. That is why Linux (with opensource license) is the most popular OS kernel in the world and Android (with opensource licence) is the most popular end user OS.

        Android is opensource and you can download it for free and use it for free. The only obligation you have to obey is that you have to release all your code modifications. Unfortunately almost all Chinese companies do not care about software licenses and they do not release their code modifications.

        I was buying Chinese phones but I do not do it anymore. I was disappointed by many of them. They don’t fix their SW bugs and they don’t release the source code (which is irrational and against law) so that skilled users could fix it themselves.

        1. OK, I know what you are need, actually Android wear will support some of these features. The most limitation of Android smartwatch is Bluetooth calling.And LTE band, ah, we have plan to develop an Android watch which supports LTE. About the opensource, I don’t know what other developers do, but Chinese manufacturers probably won’t open it for any other developers…..

  5. I my opinion, the perfect smartwatch should have big battery, a color e-ink display, music player, cutting edge voice recognition and speech-to-text capabilities for answering notifications on the go as well as speaker and mic and capability to make and answer calls form the phone (not just using it as wrist phone with a Sim card). Battery life of this things is simply terrible, but now, huami showed the world a model with a one month + battery (amazfit bip). And that’s if what we need. Using it like a watch, forgetting the worries about recharging everyday.

    1. OK, thanks for your suggestion. I think you are talking the Android wear features, Bluetooth calling, Android watches will not support. Google voice recognition, yes, Mr. Ticks made a vid review before.Battery life problem is the smartwatch industry problem, why it can last one month, we’ll see if NO.1 can learn something from it.

  6. Dean Ferrand

    I would like to see large battery and round watch face. Also android wear os.

    1. Android wear OS, OK, it is a very interesting topic, currently only one Chinese brand are permit to launch the Android wear, this is one of NO.1’s goal. This is a rectangular display watch, but round watch face will also be supported.

  7. Saidalavi Padinhare Peediyakkal

    I am a no:1 D 7 owner.There are lot of features lacking in this otherwise wonderful smartwatch, as follows.

    1- it should support live wallpaper so that we can use Watchmaker Live wallpaper which can be integrated with tasker to change watchfaces.
    2- When connected with car bluetooth, the voice activation need to be launched by pressing the dial button of bluetooth, so that no need to touch the watch screen for calling a contact.
    3. Even if you not disclose the kernal source code, like Elephone you should be publishing easy way to root and TWRP recovery .

    1. Thank you for your suggestion, I’m sorry I don’t know this app, I received such feedback, I’m not sure if Android watches will support this or not. About bluetooth calling features, no, this watch doesn’t support this feature, while MT2502 watches support. Other Android watches users use Kingroot to root the watch, how to make a TWRP recovery,, I’m not sure, but you can ask it here.
      We have partnership with their team.

  8. I’m looking for a waterproof sport watch. So far I was disappointed with all Android watches I saw. The best I saw was IP67. But I mean really waterproof, at least 5ATM but better 10ATM. So you can really take them on yacht a surf.

    It should of have perfect connectivity including GPS, BT, NFC and GSM/LTE (B20 – 800MHz support is extremely important here).

    I would not hesitate to pay $250 for a watch like that. Unfortunately nobody offers something like that. 🙁

  9. Rafael Duarte

    its like the most important thing is relate with the software will still going to keep using the old 5.1 android OS give a break ,or developer a new OS base in android , i doubt it, so many smartwatches right now, but you peoples ,chineses companies are still doing the same,sorry to said that its no the first time that i heard those comments,about chineses android devices, about the hardware same thing too,OH GOD,2017 and we still using an almost 5 year old SOC MTK. and about feature like,optimization,sensor,display,waterproof,battery,wireless charging capabilities and others,theres nothing new and i am still waiting for something like the H3 SW with 680mah that some guy mention couples months ago. About thus watch the D9 the thing that i do like is the design,edge to edge and changeable strap and we dont yet for sure the spec and the SOC

    1. OK, you are right, Android wear OS and the 4G LTE, Android 6.0 smartwatch, we want to create a new, awesome, brand-new smartwatch. It is hard to develop the SoC or OS, firmware, it takes much longer than creating an Android 5.1 watch, but we’ll keep moving, steps by steps, we’ll release something new, intelligent/smart.

  10. Our company looking android smartwatch with blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature

    1. Umm, most Android watches support heart rate, but for blood pressure, body temperature monitoring, I’m not sure if there is any watch supports this.

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