NO.1 DT08: Everything we know about next No.1 smart watch

Our verdict: DTNO.1 may not offer all the top end tracking tech, but they did release some remarkable good products. This time, DTNo.1 release No.1 DT08 smartwatch, it is like a follow-up for No.1 DT58. Let’s pull together all the details so far that help you build a picture of what the next smartwatch will be capable of.

Display and Screen

As for No.1 DT08 smartwatch , No.1 opted for 1.3 inch TFT color round screen, the weight is 25.6 g. Looking at previous No.1 products, the material will be TPU strap and Zinc Alloy watch body. As for waterproof, No.1 DT08 is water-resistant to IP67. The screen resolution is 240*240. It comes with 4 models to choose, silver black, all black, grey and navy blue.

Spec and Interface

You get 3 buttons on the right side of the watch. With the one at 2 O’clock position for start, one at 3 0’clock for going back to the main menu, the one at 4 o’clock, you can go back to the previous interface. Their design taste remains, Let’s talk about sports modes, No.1 DT08 sticks to basics, 8 sports modes, walking, running, cycling, hiking, treadmill, football, basketball and more. New features will be coming to weather, air pressure, altimeter. But this time it is not pushed from the internet, they put real sensors in the watch body. Compass feature, it is good news for anyone who love camping and outdoor adventure.No.1 DT08 is a HRV watch, why they keep HRV as a main feature?HRV is Heart Rate Variability, it is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats.Now you can test your HRV on the wrist.It is measured by the variation in the beat-to-beat interval.Methods used to detect beats include: ECG,blood pressure, ballistocardiograms and the pulse wave signal derived from a photoplethysmograph(PPG).ECG is more superior because it provides a clear waveform of your heart. If the intervals between your heartbeats are rather constant, your HRV is low. If their lengths variates, your HRV is high. One interesting finding is that if you are about to get sick, your HRV can jump down. This time, No.1 DT08 is equipped with app Hplus, you can set message notifications and others.

No.1 DT08 fitness tracker

Battery capacity and charge

No.1 DT08 equips with 350mah, you can have 10-15 days daily use and 30 days standby. The charging method is a magnetic charge, the charge time is 2 hours. What we want to see, we need more accurate tracking and tracking credentials. All in all, it is a budget smartwatch which is worth looking forward to.

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