NO.1 DT28 preview: Make the best of a budget watch

Update:No.1 released a brand new smart watch in late February ,called No.1 DT28. DT will be a new series?And their new website goes alive: .What can we expect from their beginning of 2019?


No.1 DT28 is available for $26.99 on GB:

No.1 DT28 smart watch is 59g with 1.54 inch TFT colorful screen .The resolution is at 240*240.It is relatively light and durable.The detachable design is simple to change strap,universal 22mm strap for all kinds of occasions and your style.You can choose stainless steel strap for business look,silicone strap for sporty look. No.1 DT28 equips with plastic body and Zinc Alloy metal bezel to polish the look.You get 2 buttons on the right side of the watch.With the one at 2 o’clock position for start and go back to main menu,the one at 4 O’clock, you can go back to the previous page.

No.1 DT28 smartwatch's new app DTNO1

Specs and Interface

What comes first is that NO.1 DT28’s new app Dtno1 .First, open the bluetooth on your phone, bind the device by right device ID with app Dtno1. Then open the privacy and share your location with app, you can check weather,UV and altimeter on watch.And there is at least one frill ,ECG Tracker.What you need to do is wearing the watch, touch ECG icon, it shows that hold it down.Therefore, you hold it down for 30 seconds, it shows your ECG data.As for blood pressure,blood oxygen and heart rate monitor, you need to touch the icon and wait 20 seconds , the results will be revealed. 10 Minutes after the test, the app DTNo1 will generate a detailed report. No.1 DT28 is using chip Nordic NRF52832, the screen is hard enough for your daily use.It is a IP68 waterproof smartwatch.The watch is pre-installed with stopwatch,music control,sleep monitor ,8 sports mode and others.You can find more features by yourself.And I need to point out this time, you got NFC payment on DT28, Alipay instead of Google pay.It operates exactly like other smart watch with an affordable price.

Battery Life

The 230mah battery ensures your daily use for 5-7 days.

The charge is magnetic.

Although there are lots of compromises to balance the price and functions, No.1 DT28 still makes the best of a budget watch.

You can check it now on offcial website:

Introducing No.1 DT28

13 thoughts on “NO.1 DT28 preview: Make the best of a budget watch”

  1. hi i am getting the f5 smartwatch
    can you please ask the dev to upgrade the app hplus with export data or website

    will there be more flimware

    what its the battery when using it some on youtube had 3 bars after 5 days or gearbest had 1 mouth without charge

    i am pposting this again just to make sure it goes to jon

    from oliver

    1. We don’t updata app Hplus and new firmware for F5 right now. Daily use for 5-7 days, one month for standby.

  2. Domenico Minunni

    Hi, I recently bought the smart watch DT28 from the Gearbest website. In these 10 days of use, anomalies have repeatedly occurred which make the watch unreliable.
    Randomly, the smart watch loses all information relating to the time of the steps and above all the alarm clock.
    I have to reconnect it with the phone and reset the alarms.
    By testing the function of blood pressure the minimum value is always 70.
    I thought that all these problems are caused by the firmware version (V0.0.7). I have read in the various forums that there is currently a later version (V0.0.9) but the original application on the phone does not offer updates.
    So I tried to connect the smartwatch to both an Android phone and a recent iPhone but in both cases the firmware does not update.
    I have often tried to initialize the smartwatch but the problems have always presented themselves again.

    Is it possible to receive support from you?
    Thank you

  3. Hi all. Just received DT28, looks great and work as described, but – Fundo Pro or DT NO.I Apps cannot find it, which makes it unusable since it’s impossible to sync it with the phone… My phone’s Bluetooth see the watch and can pair it, but Apps not, no matter it is paired or not via phone’s Bluetooth. All privileges granted to the Apps.
    Any solution…? Thanks in advance.

  4. Edit:
    Just tried to pair it with phone which has Android v.8, and it worked smoothly. My phone (Samsung A8 2018) has ANdorid v.9 OS, and seems it’s an issue for App pairing from this OS…
    I’ve just performed watch Firmware upgrade from v. 0.0.9 to v. 0.1.1, but still not working with Android v.9.
    Please fix this. And, if possible, send me info email about it. Thank you in advance.

  5. Ana Helena Ferreira Ferreira

    I just bought one, but I can’t find where to ajust the date and time. Can you help me?

  6. Hello, there’s an Firmware download to DT28? In The atualization my SW ato running ABS i need a FW to atualization manualy

  7. my DT28 device was updating, failed to update and no longer want to connect, now it is only in DFUTARG mode and I can not find the firmware for download. that is, my device is lost.

  8. I ordered a watch, hoping i could use IOS app to receive notifications from a lot of apps, that i could select manually, because, thats how it is on android, but on the IOS app we don’t have this kind of thing. And it doesn’t show from who I get the mesage. The IOS app need to be updated.

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