No.1 DT58 review: It still packed with lots of features

Verdict: We will have another fitness tracker No.1 DT58. There are a lot of basic tracker out in the market.It is cheap, but is it good enough?

Display and Screen

With No.1 DT58 smartwatch, No.1 is offering a larger 1.14 inch TFT color screen, the weight is 25.6g. It isn’t going to floor you with its design.The band material is TPU. But it is comfortable,durable and slim even you are sweating during the workouts. It is an ip68 waterproof wearable,it is good news for swimmers or anyone who find it is a pain to take off in the morning shower(No hot bath).The screen resolution is 135*240.It comes with 3 models to choose from,black, white and Navy blue.The price will be about $30.

Specs and Interface

There is a touch key at the bottom of the screen which you can hold down to activate features,or press and go back.One of the biggest new feature is HRV(Heart rate variability)You hold it down for 30 seconds, the ECG data will be more accurate.You can now test your heart rate,blood pressure,HRV on your wrist.Things goes further within the app Hplus, such as min, max and average data.If something goes with your body,you can get to know first and ask doctor for early help.Another feature is respiratory guidance. You need to exhale and exhale for 2 mins to calm down and decrease your stress.As for clock faces,you can find various options in profile tab within app.The altimeter ,ultraviolet,air pressure and weather are pushed through interenet as ussual.Let’s get to tracking basics, 7 sports modes,walking,running,cycling,hiking,treadmill,football and basketball.As for sleep monitor,It breaks things down in light sleep, deep sleep and awake time.

This time, they go back to app Hplus. You can customize your band experience to improve battery usage.You can set up reminders, app alerts,alarm clock and more.

Battery Life and charge

No.1 DT58 equips with 120mah battery,ensures your daily use for 5-7 days and 20 days standby.

The charging method is USB charge.You need to plug out the USB part and plug into any standard USB port.The charging time is 2 hours.

Humble tracker is still very much alive.

You can check it now on :

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  1. Hi
    I have DT58. Last night i didn’t wear the bracelet and in the morning in the app i saw results as if I was wearing it all night. Why the bracelet give results when is not on the hand? Also, sleep results were not synchronized in the HPlus app. Do I have a broken bracelet or?

    Best Regards

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