NO.1 DT58 VS NO.1 F4 colorful:Here is what’s new

Our verdict: Recently DTNO.1 smart band manufacturer releases a new smart bracelet-No.1 DT58. The design reminds me of their previous product No.1 F4 colorful.So let’s have a look at what’s new this time.

No.1 DT58 deal on Banggood FOR $22.99:

Release data and price

No.1 F4 colorful comes with 3 patterns, red, yellow,and blue version,classic sporty look with silicone strap.No.1 F4 colorful was launched in July 2018, the price is about 30 dollars.

As for No.1 DT58,3 models-Black,white and Navy blue. Same silicone strap.The price is about 20 dollars.

Design and Display

No.1 F4 colorful ,it is big at 11.3mm thick,0.96 inch color screen,the weight is 26g.

No.1 DT58,1.14 inch with screen with 135*240 resolution, 12.1mm thick,the weight is 25.6g.

Both wearables use a touch key at the bottom screen to activate.Both of them offer a bright and colorful display.Different detachable design this time,No.1 F4 colorful is more portable(watch body and strap).No.1 DT58 consists of USB part and the other.

Specs and Performance

Both are water resistant to IP68 waterproof. No.1 F4 colorful uses chip Nordic 51822 while No.1 DT58 uses chip Nordic 52832.The screen of No.1 DT58 is more responsive.

You can get 8 sports modes,heart rate monitor,blood pressure,blood oxygen,UV,altimeter,weather and others on both wearables. Let’s talk about the difference.

As many people are concerned about watch faces,No.1 F4 colorful has 3 pre-installed dials direct in watch .You can find various options in profile tab within app Hplus.

What I need to point out about No.1 DT58 is HRV monitor(Heart rate variability).HRV is the physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heart beats. It is measured by variation in the beat-to-beat interval.If the intervals between your heartbeats are rather constant,your HRV is low.If their length varies ,your HRV is high. HRV can be traced back to our autonomic nervous system. HRV indicates the state of your health and fitness, recovery and readiness, how you feel about ordinary life.You can test ECG and HRV now on your wrist.It gives you insight about heart,prevent you from heart disease and diabetes.Another feature is respiratory guidance.You need to exhale and inhale for 2 mins to calm down.Many people are stressed out these days, doing exercises,calm down and find your inner peace for a moment.

Battery life and Charge

The battery capacity of No.1 F4 colorful is 130mah, the charging method is magnetic charge.

The battery capacity of No.1 DT58 is 120mah,the charging method is USB charge.You need to pull out “USB”part and plug it into any standard USB.

Both charging time is 2 hours.Both wearables offer daily use 5-7 days and 20 days standby.

You can check it now on :

3 thoughts on “NO.1 DT58 VS NO.1 F4 colorful:Here is what’s new”

  1. Anthony Grist

    Why, when the date and time change from 23.59 to 0.00, if you have not manually synced to the phone . do you lose all data for the previous day? I have just lost all data for the day. I have the No,1 F4

  2. I can’t sync the DT58 with my huawei mate 20 lite smartphone. The smartphone detects it and connects via Bluetooth, but H+ does not find it. In the play store, no app is suitable. Please help me. Firmware version V. 1. 72. 28. Thanks.

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