NO.1 F1 SmartBand How to Connect with APP?

In the past, NO.1 specialized in smartphone production, but currently, it’s a famous smartwatch manufacturer. After those competitive smartwatches, NO.1 has also released its first smartband, NO.1 Smartband F1, which claims it will be better than Xiaomi Miband 2. It will be the best budget band for everyone, especially those athlete, outdoors lover.


Then, on the NO.1 F1 SmartBand how to connect APP and expand the function of the bracelet. We will have a detailed explanation. The way that NO.1 F1 SmartBand is connected to APP ( Android / IOS). It is including 2 parts.

  1. How to download and install the APP -( Three different ways, you can choose one)

(1) Search APP Name ” Fitness bracelet” in the Google Play or Apple Store. And install Fitness bracelet on our smart phone.

Android                                                                         IOS

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(2) Scan the QR code directly in the NO.1 F1 SmartBand Instructions. Download and install ” Fitness bracelet”.

img_7305                  img_7306

(3) Scan the QR code directly in the NO.1 SmartBand. Download and install ” Fitness bracelet“.

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2. How to Connect

(1) Open the APP Settings Icon. Then Open the Bluetooth.


(2) Open the APP and Set up our profile. Start a healthy journey! Plan a daily exercise goal and a feasible plan links to a sound body.

img_7307 img_7308 img_7310

img_7311 img_7312 img_7313 img_7314

(3) Enter the “Fitness bracelet ” tutorial.

img_7316 img_7317

img_7318 img_7319

(4) Click Settings Icon – My Device( IOS) / Search Device ( Android)- Pull-down to Scan Device- Click to Connect.

Android                                                                                                                               IOS

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When No.1 SmartBand F1 connects the smart phone successfully, the APP will automatically save Bluetooth address. Once opened it, the APP will automatically search and connect smartband. We can manually syncs data by pull-down under Sprot, Sleep and Hear Rate interfaces. The NO.1 Smartband F1 APP can stores 7 days of offline data. The greater the amount of data, the longer the synchronization time, up to about 2 minutes. After the synchronization is complete, APP will have “sync finished” prompt.

For Android Smart Phones, we can see that Step, Sleep, Rate interfaces. We can see One day, one week, one month of detailed data of each item. Of course, if we open the GPS, we can see the trajectory of walking.

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For Iphone Smart Phones, we can see that Sport, Sleep, Heart Rate interfaces. We also can see One day, one week, one month of detailed data of each item.

img_7322 img_7323 img_7324

img_7325 img_7326 img_7327

It is worth mentioning that we can share these data to our friends, social platforms and so on.

img_7328 img_7329

Tips: For Android users, F1 connect aways disconnect, it is permission problem, we need to check Intelligent background management. Then open the Fitness bracelet. Open privilege and allow it to access Incoming Call, Message and Contacts at Settings in running backstage. If any security APP installed, add Fitness bracelet to trust. So that the APP can be used normally.

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Complete these simple steps, we can got some reminds from this APP. It is including Incoming Call, Message, Facebook, Tiwtter, Whatsapp, Alarm Clock, Sedentary. And other features including more APP notificaitons, Against Lost, Find Band, Shake and Photograph, Firmware Upgrade, Factory Data Reset. Just say useless, we can buy one to test. We will not regret it. Our partner online shop has a blasting discount price. Buy from:

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    1. Hi, NO.1 F1 can not support window mobile. It can support Android and IOS system.

  1. Hi, my F1 is connected with my samsung J7-2016 but Fitness bracelet app does not find it. Why??

    1. Did you turn on Bluetooth on your phone? Did you try to reset the bracelet?

  2. My F1 does not more work with my Xiaomi Note2. Innitially it works good, than starts to play crasy and finnaly has not connection with smartphone. Nothing can establish connection again

    1. Hello Jan, disconnect and shut off, wait a few minutes, turn on and reconnect.

  3. I conected the app with the smart band, but my son deleted the app. I downloaded it again, but i dont have a conection with smart band. How to recover the conection? Thanks

    1. Go to bluetooth paired devices, clear all the Bluetooth devices, then turn on Bluetooth, follow this tutorial to pair up.

  4. hi, initially it was working fine. then my bracelet was in charge then after it charged compleltly I disconnected it. Then it turned off by itself and since i am not able to turn it on. I press the edge to turn it on but it does not happen.

  5. José Manuel Caballero Martínez

    mi xiaomi redmi note 5 has android 8.1.0. and it does not open the App fitness bracelet of my N.01 F1. It’s a shame because I really like the smartband

  6. My F1 measure all the detail but does not count my steps. What can be wrong?

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