NO.1 F13 statement



  • This statement is only for all customers who purchased NO.1 F13 beforeJuly 1, 2018!


Due to recent feedback from customers, the NO.1 F13 smart watch purchased before this date has

a small batch leakage problem. NO.1 has immediately found the problem and dealt with the

problematic watch.

All the customers please check the watch and correct them before using them. The tutorial is as


Method 1

Step 1: Use a universal meter to check if the F13 is leaking. Adjust the data of

the universal meter to the same as the photo below. Then test it. If there is no current data, please

feel free to use it. If there is current data, proceed to” Step 2”.


Method 2

Step 2: Please remove the back cover and check the size of the buzzer. If the

size is small, the watch is fine. If the size is large, that is problem smart watch, proceed to

“Solution Method” as below. View the video tutorial as follows:


Remove the back cover Video:

Solution Method

Way 1: Please stick the contact point of the buzzer with adhesive tape.

PS: Press the adhesive tape so that the buzzer contact point does not touch the back cover. The

waterproof ring should be installed well so that the watch is waterproof.

Check the video:

Way 2:  Please cut the buzzer directly.

PS: The waterproof ring should be installed so that the watch is waterproof.

Check the video:

  • Please follow those steps above to complete the inspection and modification. Weare so sorry that have this problem and bothering you. If you have any questions, please don’tchoose the channel of pass the complaint to seller. You can contact our after-sales staff directlyand we will give you a satisfactory answer and solution.
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