No.1 F18 Smart Watch VS Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Suunto is a brand that devotes itself into activity tracking for 80 years. Spartan trainer wrist HR is the smaller and sleeker version of Spartan sport wrist HR.

Their appearance are similar. So let ‘s find out what’s the difference between them and what you can expect from a sub 200 dollars watch and a budget watch?




First, There is 7 models to choose from, the all lack ,ocean and blue models($223.2 )

If you want something less sporty ,the gold and steel option, which pushes price up to $263.2 .The sand tone and amber version, bright color adds a splash of glitter to your winter look.

It’s 15.7 mm thick and 56g weights. Typical sport watch look, 3 additional physical buttons on the right, heart rate monitor on the back. It resists water up to 50 meters. It equips with a 1.81 inch non-touch screen, different from Sunnto Spartan Sport .

As for No.1 F18, F18 comes with 3 color ,Black, Lava Red and Army Green. It is on exclusive sale on Gearbest, just for 45.99 dollars with free shipping. It’s 17mm thick and about 70g weight. It equips with 1.3 inch 3D sapphire touch screen and IP68 waterproof up to 50 meters.



There are all kinds of sport modes that you can stick with on Suunto Spartan Trainer such as running, swimming and hiking. It offers GPS tracking ,no GLONASS  support.

And you can adjust GPS quality in optional mode. Some training data can be displayed on watch, but you need to head to Sunnton movescount  app for most data or using app like Strata. But I need to point out that there is a heat map of local workouts, it helps you to re-identify your own area, show you where the popular routes are. On the top of that, the post—run  3D map makes it possible for you to know where you ran, where you were faster and when your heart rate hits maximum.

When it comes to its cons, The Sunnto app needs a dedicated sync and a little bit long wait to answer your orders and directives. When you press a button, you need to wait a second or two more due to slow interface. Furthermore, if you need to update the device, you need to connect it to computer.


Let’s go back to NO.1 F18 now, It equips with Nordic 52832 sensor and Bluetooth 4.2. In the stable and responsive UI, it shows 8 sport modes ,remote camera ,phone call reminder and message notification. Touch screen makes it trickier and easier in your daily use. Pedometer, sedentary reminder and sleep monitor are available. Heart rate monitor on the back.

What’s more, it offer 3 way of position tracking, GPS, Beidou and GLONASS. GPS tracking is pretty accurate and quick which is quite impressive for a budget watch. You can download numerous watch faces online. In the app hplus, you can set the alarm clock, sync your data, unbind bracelet, get your notifications and change screen light.

But the display on the sunlight is desirable.


Battery Life

Suunto claims that you can use 10 hours in GPS accuracy ,up to 30 hours in a power saving mode and 14 days of normal use.

While you can use No.1 F18 GPS 10 hours in a row,12 days of normal use and 25 days of standby.

Both of them play a great role as a smart watch, but F18 is far than decent for a budget watch.

Buy No.1 F18 now on Gearbest:

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