NO.1 F4 Colorful vs Mi band 3

Recently Xiaomi the well known smartband manufacturer releases a new bracelet – mi band 3. Also NO.1 Smartwatch upgraded the Black/White OLED Screen F4 to a color screen version, it is called F4 colorful.

It is very interesting that both of their platform is Nordic NRF51822. So let’s have a look what is the difference between them.

First, the hardware difference.

F4 colorful uses a color LCD screen, while mi band 3 uses a black/white OLED screen. So what’s the different between these two kind of screens. Of course, OLED screens will consume less power, when you light up the screen, only the digits light up, while color screen, the whole screen will light up so that it will consume more power, but the screen will be brighter. I took a picture in direct sunlight. Here it is.

As you see, the black/white screen does not work well in direct sunlight, while the color screen is more visible.

0.96 inches vs 0.78 inches, F4 has a larger screen, bigger screen, more content. For reading time or incoming notifications, F4 performs much better than mi band 3. Both of them have a key button for operation.

Battery life, F4 battery capacity is 130 mAh, while mi band 3 battery capacity is 110 mAh. Both of them can be used for 20 days. But mi band 3 is more portable. And the straps, both of them support detectable straps, easy to change.

As a smartband, both of them support 5ATM waterproof, this is a must have feature for all the watches. Long battery life, 5ATM waterproof, daily sports tracking, messages/calls alert, weather, alarm, heart rate, sleep monitor, etc. Both of them support all these functions. I only use this mi band 3 for several days, for functions, in this point, I did not find many difference. For smartband, both of them are a good choice, but f4 is more user friendly, bigger screen, better resolution. IMHO, F4 is a better choice.  F4 colorful buy from here:

3 thoughts on “NO.1 F4 Colorful vs Mi band 3”

  1. Notification are very fast aometimes I canno see who is calling texting… How to make screen show me information more time than a 2 seconds???

      1. Hi Team,

        I updated my No1 F4 color firmware to 2.6 but the screen is black now, kindly send me original firmware of No 1 F4 color .
        Bluetooth and touch is working fine

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