NO.1 F5 VS Garmin Fēnix 5, Comprehensive Comparison

Last week, we went for a run with the NO.1 F5 and the Garmin Fēnix 5. Actually you will find many common ground between them. Here I’ll make a comprehensive comparison.

As you see, their appearances are similar, but F5 is much portable while Fēnix 5 is a bit big and heavy.  Both of them support removable straps, in the straps you can find the convenient design to replace them.

Fēnix 5 is not touch screen, but there are five buttons, light, page up/down, enter, exit. NO.1 F5 is touch screen (actually there is only a touch key) and there are two buttons, enter, exit. The touch key is fully used, you can one click to switch or long press to go to the previous option. With the other two buttons, you can handle it well.

OK, let’s talk about the functions. Both of them support altimeter, barometer, thermometer and of course, GPS.

First, the altimeter. We did a test last week, we went to the elevator. Go to the altimeter section, reset the altimeter. You can directly reset it in F5, but in Fēnix 5, there are two options, you can use GPS to calibrate it or manually enter the height. So after reset, the height of both is 0. I reset it in 21th floor, the result will be negative number. The result is the same, but Fēnix 5 doesn’t support real-time display, only when you are still. (Later I’ll post it on the Youtube)

altimeter altimeter2

Second, the temperature. Garmin doesn’t have thermometer, while F5 has built-in thermometer, you can check our previous videos here. But Garmin can receive the phone’s data, you can get the temperature after you connect to Garmin Connect.

Third, the pedometer. Both of them has a chart for daily steps. But F5 has a steps section, you can check the steps, calorie burnt, distance. That is good, you can have a clear look at your daily steps and the calorie burnt, so you can set a goal to complete the training goal.

steps steps1

How about the GPS function?

Both of them support multi sport mode. Running, cycling, climbing, etc. And some of  them use the GPS for speed, pace, trajectory, etc. So I wore both of them to start a run.

Go to running section, click start, wait for a positioning. It takes 30 seconds for Fēnix 5 to locate, while F5 needs two minutes. In this point, Fēnix 5 is better than F5.

After about 14 mins running, I ran back to the start. And I tried to connect them to my phone, F5 is very convenient, it will reconnect automatically, but it is difficult to connect Fēnix 5 to Garmin Connect. I followed the tutorial and tried many times, still no success. Anyway finally I managed to pair up and this is result. The trajectory is the same, you can see the distance, time, calorie in both of them. Fēnix 5 supports pace recording, but F5 does not, you can only check the pace in the watch while running.

F5 Garmin

After sports, I checked my heart rate. As you can see, they are similar, both of them support continuous heart rate monitoring and the chart of your heart rate change. This is very useful.

heart rate

Please wait for the full video. Any questions feel free to ask.



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6 thoughts on “NO.1 F5 VS Garmin Fēnix 5, Comprehensive Comparison”

  1. Garmin Connect can export its GPX data to be used by other Apps. HPlus can not do this.
    Please ask HPlus Developer to add this “GPX Export” feature in their next update of the HPlus

  2. Hi.
    I’m using my No.1 F5 for three weeks and I think it’s a great watch, very solidly made, but it has a few annoying firmware bugs.

    Please fix these bugs:
    – smartwatch definitely counts too many steps and calories
    – smartwatch counts calories when it’s on my desk (adding 1500 calories per day)
    – please fix sleep monitor (time of “hard sleep” is definitely too long – look at Xiaomi Mi band 2 “sleep monitor” which works perfectly)
    – changing the brightness of watches screen doesn’t work (when I set level 1 or 3 the brightness is the same)
    – change the SMS text’s font to a smaller one (now the watch doesn’t show messages fully) (its really important)!
    – when somebody is calling, watch vibrates just for 3 seconds and then stops even somebody is still calling
    – alarm’s vibrations are also finishing too quickly, they suppose to vibrate longer
    – fix “turn the wrist light screen” – it is too sensitive and turning watch display when I turn my arm just a little bit
    – fix the bluetooth synchronization smartwach with a smartphone (it takes too long and sometimes disconnecting)
    – automatic watch firmware upgrade doesn’t work (only manual)
    – when I want to see messages on the watch, smartwatch sometimes automatically restart
    – redesign that awful Hplus app

    Please add:
    – automatic “sync data” after opening Hplus app
    – show max and minimum pulse (not only average) after running in Hplus “activites”
    – ‎add delete saved “activities” in Hplus app
    – percentage smartwatch battery on a main watchface
    – another watchface (maybe simple like digits in different colors)
    – show barometric pressure in hPa too (not only kPa, 1 Hektopaskal [hPa] = 0,1 Kilopaskal [kPa])
    – move alarm to the main menu (it takes too long to find it when it’s hidden in settings)
    – show in Hplus app, how many days the smartwach is working from last charging
    – i want to decide how often and when smartwatch should automaticly measure my pulse during a day (now i don’t even know when watch does it)
    – add stoper and countdown and put it into main menu
    – add short notes uploaded from the smartphone (and put it into main menu in something like “notes”)
    – add simple weather forecast based on a barometric pressure changes (just show small icon: rainy, sunny, cloudy)
    – or maybe short weather forecast for today uploaded from the smartphone
    – add fuction to long press 1 button on a watchface (maybe it can be a fast run or a running mode or cycling)
    – add a ping pong or tennis sport mode

    You compared this smartwatch to Garmin Fenix 5 on the Youtube’s video so…

    1. Hi, thank you for suggest. about the bug you list, for example “– alarm’s vibrations are also finishing too quickly, they suppose to vibrate longer”, if we change to long vibrate, it will cost a lot of battery. others have the same problem if change.
      About add function suggest, “– automatic “sync data” after opening Hplus app” it have auto sync data while connect f5 with hplus.
      We will keep update F5 improve User Experience. thank you for suggest again.

  3. F5 should show run time by hh:mins:secs. Right now it only shows hh:min not counting the secs. Could tell you your running pace with and it’s not showing the overall run time without showing the seconds.

    1. Hello Edmund, thanks for your suggestion. I’ll tell our engineers about this, hope they could improve it.

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