NO.1 F7, the rugged sport watch

As you know, NO.1’s product direction is outdoors, sport watch. Recently, NO.1 released a new model — NO.1 F7, NO.1’s second GPS watch.

NO.1 F7

NO.1 F7, the outdoors sport watch, it is an upgraded version of F5, built-in GPS, altimeter, thermometer, barometer, it is a good sport watch just like F5, you can use it for running, cycling, climbing, these sports will use the GPS sensor, it can measure your pace, heart rate, calorie burn.

Independent GPS, without the Bluetooth connection, the watch can track your activities, store the sports data. As mentioned, the watch can use up to 20 days, GPS works for up to 16 hours. It can support the entire marathon. After sports, connect to the APP HPlus, you can check the trajectory.

F7 running trajectory_1 F7 running trajectory_2

You can use it for daily sports, it supports messages push, you can read the message in the watch. Call reminder it is also a useful function. Of course, these two functions require Bluetooth connection. The only drawback, I think, it is this watch doesn’t support SIM feature. You need to take your phone, otherwise, you can’t get any notifications. But for sports, the watch works well, independent GPS, big storage, the watch can store 10 sport data for every sport. (Note: Ball sports can’t be stored in watch) After sports, you can connect to HPlus  to check the trajectory, distance, calorie burn, etc.

Then what’s new with this watch?

There are two functions, imho, they are the most important update, one is the compass; the other is the speed.

With the built-in geomagnetic sensor, the watch can guide you in the right direction. Just go to the compass function, enter and make a calibration, (how to calibrate the compass please check the video below) then the watch can show you the right direction.

Speed. How to measure your pace? Go to the Speed functionSpeed, positioning, located, OK, now you can use the GPS to measure your pace.

You can watch our video review to see how it works in outdoors.  This watch is IP67 waterproof, you don’t need to worry about the water, sweat, just don’t use it for diving, swimming(Do not submerge it in water for too long). Later we’ll make a video about the waterproof, please follow our youtube channel for the latest news.


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  1. Hi, can I change the watch face on F7? I would like a higher contrast watch face instead of a colorful one.

    Also, does No. 1 intend to have a weather forecast function on the F7 through a firmware update or something?

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