No.1 S10 vs No.1 DT28: Which is the smartwatch for you ?

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Now that No.1 has announced a cheaper budget smartwatch , you might be wondering which deserves a place on your wrist.No.1 DT28 is much likely to the attempt to broaden their target customers, offering a more slimmer design and more functions at a lower price.Let’s find out which is the more suitable one?

No.1 S10 deal on Gearbest for $43.63:

No.1 DT28 deal on Gearbest for $26.99:

Release data and price

There are 3 patterns of No.1 S10 smartwatch,classic look for stainless steel strap, sporty look for silicone strap, casual look for leather strap.But they all looks good on wrist.No.1 S10 was released in December 2018,the price is about 40 dollars.

As for No.1 DT28,2 models –stainless strap and silicone strap.No.1 DT28 was released in February 2019.The price is about $26.99.

Design and Display

The main case of No.1 S10 smartwatch comes in plastic and metal.It’s big at 15mm thick, 1.3 inch with 240*240 touch screen, the weight is 53g.It looks a little bit bulky.

No.1 DT28 is made of plastic and Zinc Alloy with slimmer design.It enquips with 1.54 inch TFT colorful screen with 240*240 resolution.The weight is 59g

Both werables uses 22mm universally strap for all kinds of occasions and style.There are 3 buttons on the right side alongside the touchscreen for navigating the menus.Both wearables offer a crisp and colorful display, you have no problem in viewing it outdoors.

Specs and Performance

Both werables using chip Nordic NRF52832 and lack of GPS.Both are water resistant to IP68 waterproof.

No.1 S10 smartwatch has 4 pre-installed watch faces. You get 8 sports modes,heart rate monitor, stop watch and blood pressure.It supports a new app Wearhealth. You can get a map of your running route ,distance and others on this app. Not only do you get averages for your daily month, but also get data for individual weeks.

No.1 DT28 smartwatch composes of UV, weather and Altimeter.After share your locations in settings on cellphone with app and bind the device successfully,you will have access to check these.On the top of that,Alipay is available on No.1 DT28, you can use contactless payment if you have a Alipay account.What is more important, you can test your ECG(Blood pressure, blood oxygen and heart rate) on wrist now.Touch the ECG icon and hold it down for 30 seconds, it shows your ECG results.10-15 mins after your test, the app DTNo.1 will generate a detailed report.Furthermore, you can find more features such as music control and alarm.

Battery Life

The 350 mah battery of No.1 S10 smartwatch offers 10-14 days daily use.

The 230 mah battery of No.1 DT28 ensures your daily use for 5-7 days.

Both use magnetic charge, the charge time is 2 hours.

For more details, you can find them on No.1 official website:

For more details:

2 thoughts on “No.1 S10 vs No.1 DT28: Which is the smartwatch for you ?”

  1. I need to update manually the DT28 firmware. Where do I find the firmware and the step by step to update it?

  2. I can confirm that the No.1 S10 watch is a very poor performer indeed. The display, even on maximum brighness, is almost completely invisible when outdoors, even on a cloudy day. Given that most fitness activity occurs outdoors, this completely eliminates any point in wearing this watch. Furthermore the GPS function and the compass functions flat out do not work at all – they are simply incapable of sensing a satellite, or true north – even in a wide open areas. The blood pressure function gives the impression it is taking a genuine reading, but the results are utterly unrelated to the wearer’s actual blood pressure (as measured by decend blood pressure cuff). Even worse, it gives an apparently normal and healthy reading even when no-one is actually waering the watch!
    And of course the application does not even work properly on my Samsung Galaxy S9

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