No.1 Smart Bracelet has the highest waterproof level IP68 in the world

Samsung S7 release, many users of this phone’s water-resistant features impressed. This Samsung S7 has IP68 level waterproof ability, compared to our well-known IP67 level is more outstanding. At the same time, NO.1 F1 Smartband and NO.1 F2 Smart watch band also uses IP68 waterproof level. So, What does IP68 mean? What is the difference of IP67 and IP68 Waterproof?

“6” in IP 68 refers to the degree of protection against dust. The “6” means completely dust-proof, completely prevent internal contact with the original dust. The “8” is the waterproof rating. It means that the phone soaked in 1.5 meters of water in less than 30 minutes, still can work properly.

IP68 usually refers to the IP level. IP is the abbreviation of Ingress Protection. The IP68 rating is a degree of protection against intrusion of foreign objects by electrical enclosures. Such as three anti-cell phone, waterproof and dustproof electrical and so on. Through the IP level, you can quickly determine the performance of the device waterproof and dustproof.

IP68 is one of the most advanced dustproof and waterproof specifications. IP68 grade equipment representative can completely prevent the dust from entering. And under a certain pressure, it has a long time soaking without damage to equipment.

Specific dust, water level can refer to the following table:

Dust-proof Level Defensible solid particles
0 No protection
1 > 50 mm
2 > 12.5 mm
3 > 2.5 mm
4 > 1 mm
5 Dust-proof, but can not completely prevent dust from entering
6 Completely dust-proof, completely prevent the internal components and dust contact


Waterproof level Environment Protection
0 / No protection
1 Drip, equivalent to 1mm / min rainfall 10 minutes without negative effects
2 Tilt 15 ° drip, with 3mm / min rainfall 10 minutes without negative effects
3 Spray, 0.7L / min of water 5 minutes without negative effects
4 Splash, 10L / min of water 5 minutes without negative effects
5 Low-pressure water column jet, 12.5L / min water 3 minutes without damage
6 High-pressure water column jet, 100L / min water 3 minutes without damage
7 1 meter water depth Soak for 30 minutes without damage
8 Water depth greater than 1 meter, as determined by the manufacturer Continued immersion in water without damage

Thus, our NO.1 F1 Smartband  and NO.1 F2 Smart watch band have IP68 Waterproof Level. They have the highest waterproof rating in the world. Of course, NO.1 to obtain IP68 certification.

ip68-f2-fix ip68-f1

NO.1 adhere to the quality of the first principle. Recently released new products NO.1 F1 and NO.1 F2 will be promised to customers. To ensure that this is the highest level of the current waterproof bracelet around the world. And our bracelet to the price of the People First to enter the market. And not as expensive Samsung bracelet. There is a very good choice.











7 thoughts on “No.1 Smart Bracelet has the highest waterproof level IP68 in the world”

  1. Russell Hippert

    “IP68 is one of the most advanced dustproof and waterproof specifications”

    Nope, IP68 is a time limited controlled conditions static immersion certification only. ATM ratings on the other hand are 24hr immersion for all water related activities up to the rated depth. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find any sports watch with less than a 3ATM rating. Furthermore, anything less than a 1ATM (10 meters) rating isn’t even a water activities rated watch.

    “They have the highest waterproof rating in the world.”

    Garmin smart watches are rated to as much as 5ATM (50meters /150ft). And Garmin is not the only ones with ATM ratings.

    1. Thanks for your detailed explanation. You are right, as the development of wearable industry, we still have a long way to go.

      1. Hi, I have an F2 watch, what are the usage parameters for it? Can be used in rain, during swimming (1m dept) can I press buttons under water? How about the temperature? Can be used in sauna? Thanks

        1. For more details, you can visit NO.1 F2 official website. And yes, F2 is IP67 waterproof, you can use it in rain, you can also press buttons underwater.
          About the temperature, F2 accesses the data of Fundo bracelet, and read the temperature results. So it depends on your phone.

  2. Thanks, so can I use it during swimming workout? What is the official usage and storage temperature rnage for F2?


    1. Yes, F2 is made as the smartband with a watch modeling. So the official usage is the same as a smartband. Temperature range? As I said, F2 doesn’t have a built-in thermometer, I don’t know the phone’s temperature range.

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