NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 comprehensive comparison.

As time past by,what we concerned is not only health but fitness.While the fitness tracker has exploded in popularity,it is worth taking a second to decide which to buy.

While the previous fitness tracker only support steps and sleep monitor.Er,maybe call it activity tracker more appropriate.The new fitness tracker has a built-in heart rate sensor,GPS and phone notifications.It is more than a smartband but smartwatch.

Here I want to introduce NO.1 Smartband F1.In order to make it more clear,I take the Mi Band 2 as compared.


NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 are all OLED display.But F1’s screen is 0.91 inch and there are two button on the both side.This is really a convenient design.If you miss the function you want,you just flick the other side button but not go through all the choices.And Mi Band 2’s screen is only 0.42 inch with only one button.


As mentioned,there is a big drawback on Mi Band 2.The 0.42 inch display limits a lot.You can see it.Only time is on display.But you can read the time,battery life,calendar bluetooth connectivity and week on F1’s screen.You don’t need to take out your phone to have a look,just glance it.You don’t worry when it needs to charge,just have a look at the battery life.The little buletooth icon shows whether the BT is connected successfully.

NO.1 Smartband F1 and Mi Band 2 are all built-in battery.But F1’s battery is 230 mAh while Mi Band 2’s is only 70 mAh.Mi Band 2’s battery keeps monitoring your daily exercise to a month per charge,while F1’s standby time is 100 days,that’s 3 times more than Mi Band 2.You can see from the thickness,it is little big although,it worths it.


Mi Band 2 waterproof is IP67,which means you could wear it to take a shower,wash hands.NO.1 Smartband F1 waterproof is IP68,it is more than water resistant,you could even wear it to swim,diving.You won’t ever worry about the water.

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Both of these two Bands support heart rate monitor. It is difficult to take a photo for Mi Band 2,its off screen time is too fast,I can’t even read the number before it turn off.And you can’t measure your heart rate,if you move your hand.It is a Static heart rate,but F1’s Second-generation dynamic heart rate monitor.You can measure your heart rate while you are running,cycling,climbing.

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And about the sleep monitor,here is a picture from Mi Band official website and my screenshot.You can have an accurate reading on your app.Yes,of course.We have our own app for F1. It would keep track of your daily exercise and record them on your phone.You could share your daily exercise on Social.Let us have a competition,friends.


We also make a short comparison video.You can have a look.

And this is our F1 official website:

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