NO.1 SmartBand F1 Waterproof IP68 Test in water for 30 mins – Giveaway

NO.1 SmartBand F1 Waterproof Test, what happens?

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Recently, NO.1 do water resistance test for the latest SmartBand F1. NO.1 SmartBand F1 performed well in the test. It successfully withstood the waterproof test for 30 minutes.

From the practical point of view, we will encounter a lot of the situation of  the flooding on life. Such as washing hand, raining day, bathing, swimming and so on. NO.1 make the SmartBand F1 into the water for testing. Do not need to worry too much when the users wear it. From the use of point of view, there will undoubtedly increase the viscosity of products and users. So that customers prefer to use NO.1 SmartBand F1.

NO.1 SmartBand F1 into the water for 3 mins, equivalent to the daily general rainfall. And NO.1 F1 is still operate normally. At the end of 10 mins, the time is equivalent to the bathing time of normal person. Similarly, NO.1 SmartBand F1 is still pass no pressure.

In the daily movement, a lot of sweat from the body is also a threat to the electronic equipment. And close fit with the skin of the SmartBand. Obviously in the design need to take into account the waterproof. Of course, in the water for 20 mins, the time is equivalent to sport time every day. These can not stop the normal operation of NO.1 SmartBand F1.

Finally, the swimming time has been reached after 30 mins in the water. NO.1 remove the SmartBand F1 from the water. It still can be pressure- free for heart rate monitoring and other functions.

Thus, NO.1 officially recognized SmartBand F1 has IP68 waterproof rating. In other words SmartBand F1 can be underwater for 30 minutes. Without worrying about the daily immersion in water. It can be swimming, bathing and other long time immersion behavior.

NO.1 make the IP68 waterproof into the NO.1 SmartBand F1. At the same time, there are up to 100 days standby time. Compared to the Mi Band 2, NO.1 F1 battery capacity is reach to 230 mAh. Of course, NO.1 F1 also maintained prefect sporty appearance and relatively slim body. It is unique advantage for NO.1.

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Merry Christmas! – NO.1 SmartBand F1 Giveaway 

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