NO.1 smartwatch watchface contest in April

Hi all, the watchface contest in April has come to an end. Did you enjoy in this competition?

The users of this site choose their favorite popular watch faces, so that the winners came out. We have four winners in VXP category and one winner in Android category.

The VXP category winners are _MFI_, Kyrnath, junkman931 and Master Mendes. The top watchface creator is _MFI_ who won a free watch S9, and Kyrnath, junkman931, Master Mendes they got a 40% off discount coupon code. They can use this coupon to buy any NO.1 products.

The winner of Android category is Numan. He won a free watch NO.1 D7.


Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks for sharing their watchface to us, thanks for bringing this site up so that other smartwatch users can use this awesome website.

In this month, NO.1 will also provide a free watch as the prize of the top watchface creator, the new product G8. And 5 50% off discount coupon code. This month NO.1 won’t provide Android watch for the Android category. But please pay attention to the next month contest, we’ll choose several watchface as the stock watchface for NO.1’s upcoming products. What’s NO.1’s product plan? You can check my previous post here.

You can create round or square watchface, all designed by you.


2 thoughts on “NO.1 smartwatch watchface contest in April”

  1. Eduardo Mendes ( Master Mendes )

    Sou eu quem agradeço por poder dividir ideias e compartilhar watchfaces com todos aqueles que buscam pelo site watchfaceup.
    Foi muito bom ter ficado entre os ganhadores do mês de abril. Obrigado.

    1. Hi Eduardo, thanks for your good job to bring this site up. Your watch face are really beautiful.

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