No.1 smartwatch watchface contest in July

Hi all, July has come the new contest reopened.

Glad that more and more creative watchface developers join in this contest, thanks for all your hard working, thanks for sharing the nice watchfaces with us. Thank you.

We just announced the winners of contest in June. we’ve over 150 new watchfaces in the last month, cheers. That’s really a big amount! It’s a pity that there are a few people knows the Android category. Also the watchface developers do not know about the D8 and D9. For more details:


And about the contest in July, here is the rules.

1.   The top creator will get a free G8 as the prize. The most downloaded watchface and there must be at least 600 downloads, the watchface creator will get a free G8 as the prize.

2.    4 contributed watchface creators will get a 40% discount coupon code. Creators must submit over 10 watchfaces, at least one of them has over 400 downloads.

3.   The upload most watchface creators will also get a G8 as the prize. The creator must at least upload 20 vxp watchfaces or 15 Android watchface. If there are several creators meet this standard, we’ll preferentially consider the Android category.

Note : You can only get 1 watch in every contest.

4.   The Android watchface which has over 400 downloads, the creator will get a D8/D9, and the watchface will take as the stock watchface. There will be 2 watches as the prize, you can choose the one you like.

Note : Once you won on this contest, we’ll have the copyright of the Android watchface.

Please don’t cheat us, it will not fair to other watchface creators. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “No.1 smartwatch watchface contest in July”

  1. Hi Jon, can you help me…can I download face watch with date for no1 G6?
    Thank you

    1. Oh no, vxp face doesn’t support the date, but the new watchface firmware for G6 is about to release.

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