Novel New Smartwatch DT3 Max+ with the chip ATK 8910 ignites market passion

In the previous blog post, we introduced you to the extraordinary self-developed chip ATK 8910, showing you the powerful performance of the chip, but which smartwatch will be equipped with this chip has become the biggest curiosity of DT NO.1 fans. Now, the mystery is revealed. The new arrival smartwatch DT3 Max+ will be the first one to be equipped with this powerful chip.

There is one thing we should tell you lest you don’t know, the smartwatch DT3 Max+ is also called DT NO.1 3 Max. Recently the name of the smartwatch has been changed to DT3 Max+. What will the iteration of the smartwatch DT3 Max bring you? Here they come.

Magnificent Screen Display

The difference in the screen display between DT3 Max and DT3 Max+ is so obvious, that users can tell the difference at the first glance. The smartwatch DT3 Max+ has upgraded the screen from 1.36-inch to 1.45-inch, and the smartwatch has adopted the borderless design that the frame is only 1.55mm wide. The screen ratio of the smartwatch DT3 Max is up to 91.18%!

In addition to the size of the screen, DT3 Max+ has a brand new high-definition screen display, thanks to the use of the new chip ATK 8910. The screen resolution of the smartwatch DT3 Max+ has been upgraded from the original 390*390 to the current 412*412, which gives you an amazing user experience when you interact with the screen.

Faster Processing Speed

With a larger RAM capacity and improved CPU performance, the chip series ATK8910 improves the user experience in processing speed. Equipped with the new chip ATK 8910, DT3 Max+ lets you experience a smooth operation.

When changing watch faces with DT NO.1 smartwatches, the other smartwatches from DT NO.1 will reboot themselves after they sync watch faces from a mobile phone successfully. Meanwhile, DT3 Max+ doesn’t need to reboot itself when changing watch faces, and the speed of watch face synchronization is much faster than before. It’s all because of the use of the new chip ATK 8910.

Extra-long Battery Life

The highly-integrated chip ATK8910 will be smaller in size and take less space in a smartwatch case. Therefore, the manufacturer can pack a larger battery. Because of fewer components on the circuit board, the power consumption can be greatly reduced. Moreover, with the adoption of the Bluetooth 5 dual-mode module, the power consumption in connection and audio will be much less than before.

Because of this power-efficient combination, DT3 Max+ will have a much longer battery life, and it can stand for several days even in heavy usage.

Synchronizing All Your Phone Contacts with One Click

Thanks to the improvement in hardware, the software system of the smartwatch DT3 Max+ also greatly improved. There is an obvious example, the smartwatch DT3 Max+ can synchronize up to 500 contacts in your mobile phone with one click. You just need to bind the smartwatch to the app WearPro and bind the audio Bluetooth to your mobile phone, then you can synchronize the contacts in your mobile phone to the smartwatch. The capacity of saving 500 contacts could satisfy most people’s needs.

With a magnificent display, a powerful chip, and an extra-long battery life, DT3 Max+ is about to win your hearts and occupy your wrists. If you want to know more about this watch, please check it out in the Product section of DT NO.1 official website ( or you can send them an email(

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