November watchfaceup contest

Hello December, the November watchfaceup contest has come to an end.

This month totally we have 162 uploads.  106 uploads on VXP category and 56 uploads on Android category. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all these beautiful watchfaces with us.

So I’m here to announce the result of this contest.

  1. The most downloaded vxp watchface is Jarvis Digital , created by Kuasanagui. He will get a F5 as the prize.G8
  2. The most downloaded Android watchface is Breitling Avenger Hurricane Militarycreated by Kyrnath. He will get a D6 as the prize.D5pro
  3. The one who uploaded most watchfaces is vmvlo5. He will get a 40% coupon code.S9
  4. 30% off coupon code winners Sinful96Master MendesJ.Hessinger.
  5. Straps winners, Sergey Ivanov.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for sharing your beautiful watchfaces with us, thanks.


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