November watchfaceup contest

Everyone is enjoying the competition. Great! As the owner and user of this site, we are very happy, because competition encourages developers to create more beautiful watchface. 🙂 Thanks for all these beautiful watchface.

As you know, we have two categories, VXP and the Android. Recently, I saw many new Android watchfaces in the Android category. They are all very beautiful, very happy to have you created all these nice watchface. In order to encourage more people join in this group, I’m going to provide an Android watch as the prize.

Here is the detail.

November watchfaceup contest :

  1. The creator of the most downloaded VXP watchface will get a free F5. What is F5? Check here.1_副本
  2. The creator of the most downloaded Android watchface will get a free D6. (Creator must upload 6 watchface , and at least one of them got 400 downloads)D6
  3. The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code, the one who uploads more than 12 watchface and at least one of them gets 300 downloads will get a 30% off coupon code. The coupon code will be available at NO.1 official online store. (There will be five coupons at most)
  4. Anyone who uploads more than 5 watchface will get a free strap, the new arrival.NewStraps

Everyone can only get a prize on each contest.

*Don’t use any method to cheat, our goal is to make a fair and just game to give you a chance to win a prize.*

Enjoy the competition.



2 thoughts on “November watchfaceup contest”

  1. I’m buying the smart watch a10 but you did not have it
    but you sent me a catalog for November 11 for a time limit
    to send me or buy a smart watch that I like from the catalog I do not know what kind of reward it is and for the clock that I want to buy

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