OMG! Smartwatch DT8 Ultra finally arrived and met expectations

If we say that DT8 Max is by far the best fashion smartwatch, DT8 Ultra will be the best sports smartwatch in its class. Finally, the smartwatch DT8 Ultra arrived and met expectations from the market, and DT8 Ultra lived up to its bill with some great features and upgrades. Now, let’s unveil this amazing smartwatch, DT8 Ultra.

Frosted metal case and tempered glass

The smartwatch DT8 Ultra not only looks tough but it actually is built tough with hard alloy metal and blast-resistant glass, allowing the smartwatch to be used when users are doing intense exercise outdoors. DT8 Ultra can stand with scratches and collisions, standing by you no matter where you are heading.

2.0-inch HD full screen

DT8 Series is equipped with a bigger and clearer screen at 2.0-inch, and the resolution of it is up to 420*485. Customers will be amazed by the quality of the screen as soon as they receive a DT8 Ultra.

Easier to use with three buttons

DT8 Ultra has three buttons on both sides, two on the right and the orange one on the left. With three buttons, the smartwatch DT8 Ultra is much easier to use because of the simpler operating logic. These three buttons can all wake up the screen, however, when the watch is at the main interface, you can enter the multitasking background, which allows users to easily locate the apps that they are recently using, by pressing the lower right side button. The shiny orange button on the other side is for entering the multisports mode, by which users can choose a sport to start their exercise without foraging in the app library. I believe that users are so familiar with the usage of the digital crown, so I will not waste your time listening to my introduction on it.

Strap locks

Another great detail of DT8 Ultra is strap locks. Finally, the strap lock has arrived on the smartwatches of DTNO.1. With strap locks, straps are firmly secured with the watch body, and the smartwatch won’t be swung out because of the strap heads extruded out of the grooves. You can slide the straps into grooves from either inwards or outwards, and the straps are well placed after you hear the click. For detaching those straps, you should press the buttons on the back cover, and remove the straps simultaneously.

Watch face lock

At before, watch faces would be altered by rotating the digital crown, however, users complained that the watch faces they liked were altered because of the unintentional touching on the digital crown. It was a little bit frustrating to reset the watch faces they liked. Now, DT8 Ultra has added a new feature called watch face lock, by which you can lock the watch face you like in the settings, and then the watch face won’t be altered if you rotate the digital crown.

Body temperature measurement

Body temperature measurement is a popular feature during the days of viruses attacking humans ferociously. It’s essential for us to know better our body temperature and condition. Now, the feature has boarded on the smartwatch DT8 Ultra, keeping an eye on people’s health all the time.

Tons of great features

Moreover, DT8 Ultra is also an all-round smartwatch with so many great and practical features, such as

  • Bluetooth calling
  • App notifications
  • NFC
  • Heart rate
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • GPS movement tracking
  • Inbuilt games
  • Menstrual cycle reminder


If you are interested in this new smartwatch, please visit DTNO.1 official website and send us an email( By the way, DTNO.1 global agents recruitment is ongoing, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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