Ordinary Watches with This Strap can become Smart Watches

Maintool Company’s Classi strap is in Indiegogo crowdfunding, the strap can help you make any an ordinary watch “smart.” This smart strap can be installed on any ordinary watch. It provides a series functions that smart watch has, the strap built-in sensor, can monitor heart rate, record the number of steps and calorie consumption, body surface temperature and ambient temperature, built-in vibration sensor is used for alarm, the strap can be connected APP on the IOS and Android phone. 2

The users can use the watch for navigate. Classic strap also has the function of mobile phone loss alarm, if the phone accidentally fell somewhere, strap will be issued by vibration to remind.

Its appearance is similar to the conventional strap, but abandoned the prototype used by the microUSB interface, and after using magnetic charging way, greatly reducing the Classi strap thickness.

With the emergence of smart watches, especially Apple watch, traditional Swiss watch industry are strongly shaken and challenged. CEO Hussain Ahamed think that Classi strap can make the Swiss watch industry of traditional design preserved. For many people, the watch design, brand, culture is being mercilessly destroyed by smart watches. And Classi strap will serve as a link between traditional watches with smart watches, it can let the old parents and grandparents are also like smart watches.

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