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How to use the GPS in smartwatch F5 to start running

As you know, F5 has independent built-in GPS sensor,  you don’t need to connect to your phone to use the GPS to start running. But how? How to activate the GPS before your training? Important Update! We have fixed the Chinese characters in Google Map and the wrong positioning problem,

Go for a run with NO.1 F5 and the Weloop Hey 3S

Recently, we made a running test with the GPS bracelet NO.1 F5 and Weloop Hey 3S. How to use the GPS while running? The operation is the same for most of GPS watches. First, go to sports section. Second, choose the outdoor running. The blinking icon means that the device

The first GPS bracelet — NO.1 F5, anything new about it

Recently NO.1 smartwatch releases a new model, the bracelet series NO.1 F5. As a fitness band, F5 is built for sports. It has built-in GPS sensor, independently, you can use the GPS without your phone. NO.1 takes advantages of the GPS in the sports. Cycling, climbing, running, it will record your

G8 multi mode smartwatch

As the watch is about on sale, I would like to talk some unique features in G8. So this watch is known as multi mode and the removable straps. As the comments wrote, one of the most pleasing features is the multi mode, according to your personal usage you can

How to install drivers manually?

As you know if you don’t install the drivers correctly, your watch will not be detected by the computer, let alone flash the firmware. I just read something about how to install the drivers manually. Download the android_cdc_driver. SP_tool is best compatible with Android_cdc_driver, if you want to use the SP_tool

Смарт браслет No.1 SmartBand F1 – для создания оранжевого настроения

Приветик всем, готова после праздника поделиться впечатлениями от подаренного накануне Нового года маленького, но такого «сочного» подарка, смарт браслетика No.1 SmartBand F1. Муж оформлял заказ без меня, зная о моих сомнениях по поводу цвета. Уж очень мне приглянулся он в ядовито «оранжевом». Но как-то стеснительно было на себе примерить его.

No.1 Smart Bracelet has the highest waterproof level IP68 in the world

Samsung S7 release, many users of this phone’s water-resistant features impressed. This Samsung S7 has IP68 level waterproof ability, compared to our well-known IP67 level is more outstanding. At the same time, NO.1 F1 Smartband and NO.1 F2 Smart watch band also uses IP68 waterproof level. So, What does IP68

NO.1 F1 Smartband VS Samsung Gear Fit 2, which one is your like?

With the continuous development of intelligent hardware technology, the international smart wear equipment have also poured into the market. Intelligent device of mind, but also to more convenient services to human life. They help people to establish and cultivate healthy lifestyle. Through the Internet intelligent data continue to help people

what is the difference between tethering watch and smartband?

As the development of the wearable, smartband and smartwatch have a hug upgrade. Not only the machinery but the functions, both become more and more delicate and full functioning. Out looking. Smartband is always made as a bracelet and tethering watch is made as a watch.Although both of them have changeable strap,