Smart watch A Key Get?

With the development of smart phones, around the smart phone products are more and more. Smart wear Device is one of them. Smart wear Device is the traditional watch and smart phone features associated with the combination. So that users have the watch to see the time function. At the same time, it also has a sports products, mobile phone part of the function.

Smart watches as a product of Smart wear Device, but also many users choose to buy a smart watch products. With the smart watch on the market increasing year by year, how to choose smart watches become a lot of trouble with the problem. Today, we will introduce how to choose the smart watch.


Now on the market smart watch operating system mainly including the Apple Watch watch OS, Samsung Tizen, Google Android Wear on base, as well as third-party options such as NO.1. Mention NO.1, many people are not unfamiliar. Before we have seen the news of this brand of smart watches. Although not a mainstream brand, at least the market has become a small bright spot in Apple and Samsung two dominate.


Although iwatch as a product of Apple smart wear. Personally feel that is not enough classic enough. We choose Smart watches just like choose the general watch. First look at the shape design and workmanship, because these two aspects will directly determine the majority of the first sensation. Second look at the system. Watch system is consistent with our daily operating habits. It can meet our daily functional needs. Finally, we must focus on power. Power will directly determine the length of time we use and charge frequency. As long as through these aspects of the smart watch, you can boldly start.

As China made several smart watches, I like Moto 360, Huawei Watch, NO.1 smart watches. These watches have their own characteristics. The several watches are also noteworthy products in China. Of course, these products in the most cost-effective is NO.1 smart watches.


Moto 360 and Huawei Watch because of the field smart phone of visibility, so that they are known by more people. But the price are more than $300. Personally, it would be better to buy iwatch. You can experience the human experience of the watch OS system.

In this case, NO.1 G series and D series of smart watches quickly gained market recognition. It also considered a cost-effective smart wear products. In the design, the use of the traditional design of the classic disc. Case material use 316L stainless steel with a variety of strap. Such as steel strap, leather strap, rubber strap. So NO.1 Smart watch looks both high-end and fashion.


Of course, choose Smart Watch will undoubtedly focus on its configuration. NO.1 D series and G series smart watches with Android system or MTK2502 chip. They built-in a variety of dial. The health steward helps us to monitor our heart rate, exercise and other physical conditions. NO.1 D series smart watches also automatically based on your location and recommend the surrounding food, other travel-related information and the scene. Allowing users to know the surrounding environment through the watch. Of course, the most important of NO.1 smart watch not only support the Android mobile phone, but also the perfect support IOS system.


Of course, do not rule out the NO.1 smart watch there will be some problems. But NO.1 will also be optimized to optimize the memory, battery capacity, screen and so on. Let us stay tuned!

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