Spring Festival watchfaceup contest

Happy Spring Festival!

Thank you for creating the watchfaces for us for the Chinese new year. I’m sorry, I found some unusual downloads, someone tried to break the rules. I was on vacation, I can’t do something. But this month, I’ll take some measures to monitor the watchfaces downloads.

And the result of this month. The most downloaded VXP watchface is  Inmotion Stepmatic, created by Morais. He will get the G8 as the prize.


The most downloaded Android watchface is LOCMAN Montecristo, created by J.Hessinger. He will get a S9 as the prize.620

And the Spring Festival category, there are a few people joined in this category and it seems that not many people like this category. Many thanks to the creators, thanks for your beautiful watchfaces. And the contest winner is Master Mendes. He will get a D7 as the prize.

vmv105 uploads over 50 watchfaces, he will get a 40% off coupon code. And Warley Watches, JNascimentoSinful96Lluiset206 they will get a 30% off coupon code.

Thank you for all your beautiful watchfaces. We’ll start a new contest soon, please keep an eye out on watchfaceup site.

4 thoughts on “Spring Festival watchfaceup contest”

  1. Hello Jon!
    I thank NO.1 and you Jon for the opportunity to participate again in the contest and also thank you for the beautiful prize.
    Congratulations to the other winners as well and let’s get more engaged for the next contest.
    Big hug!

  2. There is any way to contact with peoples who creating a new firmware for mtk2502 watches? I searching way to compile/modify vxp normal app to watchface format.

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