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No.1 F18 Smart Watch VS Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

Suunto is a brand that devotes itself into activity tracking for 80 years. Spartan trainer wrist HR is the smaller and sleeker version of Spartan sport wrist HR. Their appearance are similar. So let ‘s find out what’s the difference between them and what you can expect from a sub 200 dollars watch and a budget watch?   Appearances            First, There is 7 models to choose from, the all lack ,ocean and blue models($223.2 ) If you want something less sporty ,the gold and steel option, which pushes price up to $263.2 .The sand tone and amber version, bright color adds a splash of glitter to your winter look. It’s 15.7 mm thick and 56g weights. Typical sport watch look, 3 additional physical buttons on the right, heart rate monitor on the back. It resists water up to 50 meters. It equips with a 1.81 inch non-touch screen, different from Sunnto Spartan Sport . As for No.1 F18, F18 comes with 3 color ,Black, Lava Red and Army Green. It is on exclusive sale on Gearbest, just for 45.99 dollars with free shipping. It’s 17mm thick and about 70g weight. It equips with 1.3 inch 3D sapphire touch screen and IP68 waterproof up to 50 meters. Functions   There are all kinds of sport modes that you can stick with on Suunto Spartan Trainer such as running, swimming and hiking. It offers GPS tracking ,no GLONASS  support. And you can adjust GPS quality in optional

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Between Android Wear HUAWEI Watch 1 and Android system NO.1 D7 the Contest

While traditional watches tell the time, Android Wear and Android system smart watches make the most of your time. In an instant, you can check when and where you’re meeting a friend, whether you’ll need an umbrella tonight, or how many minutes you’ve been active today—all without reaching for your phone. At present, more and more smart wear company are announcing Android Wear and Android smartwatch to give you more informative watch faces, better workouts, new ways to use apps, more ways to stay in touch and on-the-go help from the APP assistant. Today, we’re also introducing two watches between Android wear and Android smart watch. Android Wear Huawei watch 1 and NO.1 D7 Android smart watch between the contest. Which one is more attractive? At the first, we compare the appearance. Huawei watch 1 has full round smooth bezel. The smart watch comes with a relatively simple APP. Probably because this is the reason for Huawei watch 1. But also in line with its characteristics. Normally, it has heart rate monitoring, pedometer and so on healthy assistant. About NO.1 D7 Android Smart watch, it can support change watch face and style. Any styles choose from you. The watch healthy assistant heart rate, pedometer, drink time and so on. By the way, it also have new function. Compare with our NO.1 D5+ and D6, they all can not support remote camera. Now, NO1. D7 can support remote camera, music. Those functions are basic on “Funfit” App. Maybe you will feel that Huawei

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A significant OTA update in NO.1 D5+ Android watch

How to change to square format in NO.1 D5+? No,there is no such settings. We received many comments about this question and probably we’ll say no. Although we all want to make it more user friendly, but for some limitation,we can’t solve it. But now the answer is yes, you can change it to square format since the 12.26 OTA update! Download the firmware and update it. The current version is 161226. Then go to settings–>Display–>Interface Style, there are two options Normal display and Zoom display. The Zoom display can change the third party app interface style to a square format. Select the Zoom display, then open an app you installed. You would get a square display. Update: We have uploaded this firmware to the NO.1 website, you can download it here. Thanks for reading, hope this update makes this watch easier to operate. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:  

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What factors will influences your buying decisions when it comes to android smart watches?

What factors will influences your buying decisions when it comes to android smart watches? I think most people will think about its price. My survey appeared to confirm this. From the vote, we can see there’re five options to choose, includes price, build quality, design, brand and other. So far more than 700 people participated in this survey. About 42% people choose price, they think the price will influence their buying decisions most. Of course, income is the source and the basis of the consumption, is the most important factors that affect consumption. Income levels affect consumption ability. Usually people will not over-consume, they will choose the products which they can afford. This leads that people will think about price before buying goods. Anyway, it’s normal. Second factor is products’ design. About 24% people choose this option. With the improvement of living standards, people’s aesthetic requirements will also increase. Obviously, the products with a unique design and good-looking appearance will be more attractive. Third factor is build quality. About 21% people choose this option. Quality problem is related to the rights and interests of consumers, is also related to the survival and development of the enterprise. Through build quality, people will know whether the product is worth their money, this can also influence their buying decisions. Fourth factor is brand. About 6% people choose this option. No one would question the effect of brand to people. Although the change with the times, people pay less attention on the brand,

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