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Watchfaceup March Contest

Sorry for the delay! Last week, we received a warning from Rolex. Here I want to clarify that we just want to provide a place for watchfaces fans. All these watchfaces are free, and thanks for all the creators’ hard working, now we have 1584 VXP watchfaces and 625 Android watchfaces. This month, we’ll provide a F6 as the VXP winner’s prize and a S9 for the Android category. Recently we found some weird downloads, because of the limitation of the watchfaceup site, we can’t directly check the IP of the users, so here we came up with an idea, we’ll create a poll for the creators whose watchfaces have over 600 downloads and all the G+ members can join in to vote. Here is the details! The creators whose watchface have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, G+ members will vote for the winner, the poll will last 4 days, the winner will win a Free S9 as the prize. The creators whose watchface have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, G+ members will vote for the winner, the poll will last 4 days, the winner will win a Free F6 as the prize. The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code,  the one who uploads more than 10 watchfaces and at least one of them got 300 downloads will get a 30% off coupon code. The coupon code will be available at NO.1 KKtick official online store. (There will be five coupons at most) Note: You’d

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Five of the best Android watchfaces

Android watches are becoming more and more popular with smartwatch users. Although it is much expensive than MT2502 watch, for its Android OS, its nice watchface engine. Many people decide to have one for daily use or watchface display/design. Yes, Android watchface is a bit complicated than VXP face. The Android watchface supports many widgets, date, battery, weather, temp, steps, etc. While VXP face can only display the time. So you’ll have more choices to choose the widgets you need. So I go over all the pages and list out this five watchface. It’s just my personal opinion, I just want to introduce some nice watchface to the new users or anyone looking for watchfaces. Sumsung Gear S2 The downloaded most watchface, everyone loves Sumsung Gear, so do I. The digital time and the special analog hands build up this simple but stylish watchface. Omega De Ville Created by zafrix 8, the downloaded most Omega watchface. This is just the representative of Omega series watchface. The series is a copy of real watch, Omega. Casio EDIFICE Created by starboy, the representative of Casio Edifice watchface, the well-known watch brand, Casio. Key word — Casio, you’ll find many nice watchfaces, these watchfaces are inspired by Casio, digital watchface with many useful widgets. NO.1 Diesel AR Created by Al Rod. I personally love this watchface very much, distinctive design, two little dials, one for analog, another for digital time. I love the color combination, oh, and the NO.1 logo. haha Chopard porche Created by geowolf1000. Big hands with simple background. Symmetrical background,

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Watchfaceup contest in July

Congratulations! This month we have 180 submissions, 155 new beautiful vxp watchface and 25 awesome Android watchface! The most download watchface is created by Kyrnath, TAG Heuer Black Phantom (includes night mode), it has 896 downloads. You can download it here. The most downloads Android watchface is created by Al Rod, No1 Connected Hybrid AR, it has 535 downloads, you can download it here.   Congratulations! Kyrnath will get a Gs8 as the prize and Al Rod will get a D8. And the one who uploaded most watchface is Master Mendes.  He uploaded 49 watchface! Thanks for his hard working, he will get a Gs8 as the prize! Get his nice watchface : There are also many watchface creators made many contribution to this site, in order to thank for their hard working. We decide to give them a 40% coupon code. Alexander Sadovnikov, Sinful96, congratulations. Thanks for your hard working, thanks for sharing your nice watchface with us. The upcoming contest will be more completed, all of you will get a reward. Please keep an eye out on this site.  

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No.1 smartwatch watchface contest in July

Hi all, July has come the new contest reopened. Glad that more and more creative watchface developers join in this contest, thanks for all your hard working, thanks for sharing the nice watchfaces with us. Thank you. We just announced the winners of contest in June. we’ve over 150 new watchfaces in the last month, cheers. That’s really a big amount! It’s a pity that there are a few people knows the Android category. Also the watchface developers do not know about the D8 and D9. For more details: And about the contest in July, here is the rules. 1.   The top creator will get a free G8 as the prize. The most downloaded watchface and there must be at least 600 downloads, the watchface creator will get a free G8 as the prize. 2.    4 contributed watchface creators will get a 40% discount coupon code. Creators must submit over 10 watchfaces, at least one of them has over 400 downloads. 3.   The upload most watchface creators will also get a G8 as the prize. The creator must at least upload 20 vxp watchfaces or 15 Android watchface. If there are several creators meet this standard, we’ll preferentially consider the Android category. Note : You can only get 1 watch in every contest. 4.   The Android watchface which has over 400 downloads, the creator will get a D8/D9, and the watchface will take as the stock watchface. There will be 2 watches as the prize,

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How to change the language settings

Recently, I received a feedback about someone received a watch which is in Chinese, he doesn’t know how to go to the language settings. I made a short tutorial with some photos. I would like to share it with you, once you receive a watch which is in Chinese, you can learn something from this. First, go to the menu, scroll down to find the ‘设置’/settings Second, enter the settings, scroll down to find the ‘语言和输入法’/language and input Third, click the ‘语言’/language, then go to next page, scroll down to find your first language. Done. You have set the language successfully.  

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How to install drivers manually?

As you know if you don’t install the drivers correctly, your watch will not be detected by the computer, let alone flash the firmware. I just read something about how to install the drivers manually. Download the android_cdc_driver. SP_tool is best compatible with Android_cdc_driver, if you want to use the SP_tool correctly then you should download it and install in on your computer. Download the Android_vcom_driver. If the Android_cdc_driver doesn’t work for you. You can try Android_vcom_driver, this driver also supports all Mediatek devices. How to install the android_cdc_driver manually? First, extract the file on your desktop. Second, go to Device Manager, click the Administrator/user name, click the Action button, select the second option Add legacy hardware. Then a ‘Welcome to the Add Hardware Wizard’ window shows up, click next . Third, in the ‘The wizard can help you install other hardware’ window select the second option install the hardware that I manually select fr om a list(Advanced) then in the select the type of hardware window, you don’t need to select anything, just click next. Fourth, Select the device driver, click have disk. Then browse your computer, go to desktop, select the .inf file you just extracted.(You need to figure out your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit, before you choose the .inf file) Click OK , then click next. Sixth, while installing the drivers, a windows security warning may show up, just install this driver software anyway. Click Finish. Check the Ports, if you install this driver successfully, you can see it in the Ports section. You

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NO.1 D7 Firmware

Update! There is a 6.13 firmware available, check the wireless update. This firmware has resolved all the known issues, please install it and after that don’t forget to make a factory reset! About the contact name on the incoming calls, that is the permission issue of Android devices. In some Android phones, the watch doesn’t allow to display the contacts. We’re still working one this, please be patient. Thanks We are here discussing the firmware issue and provide technical help. Check if there are something that help. User manual : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170415 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170422 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170526 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170613 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170622 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170714 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170912 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20171130 : Resolved weather and battery issues SP_Flash_tool : Drivers : Funfit : Funfit : 2.7.9 version apk :   Firmware update tutorial :     NO.1 D7 is undergoing pre-sale, price at $82.99. There are NO.1 D7 Giveaway from Geekbuying. It will be announced on 21st April, 2017. Come and join it! Subscribe to get D7 coupon code. [wnlsp_theme3 id=”2409965″ heading = “SUBSCRIBE To Our Discount” sub_heading = “Subscribe to get NO.1 Smartwatch discount” message = “” icon_type = “form_icon” icon = “fa fa-envelope-o” icon_size = “30” icon_color = “#aaefab” theme_color = “#dd5a5a” bg_type = “bg_color” bg_value = “#dddddd” content_color = “#aaefab” social = “on”] Voucher code use in aliexpress:  ,

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How about 4G smartwatch — NO.1 smartwatch’s next target

What is a 4G network? What is the difference between 3G and 4G LTE? I know 4G network is very fast but I don’t know how fast is it. And also why it usually called 4G LTE. LTE  stands for Long Term Evolution. It’s a term used for the particular type of 4G that delivers the fastest mobile Internet experience. ‘G’ stands for generation, that means 4G is the most current generation of cell phone network coverage and speeds. Using a 4G smartphone on Verizon’s 4G LTE network means you can download files from the Internet up to 10 times faster than with 3G. I found a comprehensive comparison chart, you can have a look. Comparison chart 3G versus 4G comparison chart 3G 4G Data Throughput Up to 3.1Mbps with an average speed range between 0.5 to 1.5 Mbps Practically speaking, 2 to 12 Mbps (Telstra in Australia claims up to 40 Mbps) but potential estimated at a range of 100 to 300 Mbps. Peak Upload Rate 5 Mbps 500 Mbps Switching Technique packet switching packet switching, message switching Network Architecture Wide Area Cell Based Integration of wireless LAN and Wide area. Services And Applications CDMA 2000, UMTS, EDGE etc Wimax2 and LTE-Advance Forward error correction (FEC) 3G uses Turbo codes for error correction. Concatenated codes are used for error corrections in 4G. Peak Download Rate 100 Mbps 1 Gbps Frequency Band 1.8 – 2.5 GHz 2 – 8 GHz So far, LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition is the only one which supports the

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What to do to save your dead watch?

Generally, we hold the power button seconds to turn on your watch. But sometimes your watch may suddenly shut off and the power button may not work anymore. This may be a hardware damage, if so, that means your device is broken, you can’t use it anymore. But it may be a software issue, here I want to introduce several methods to fix your watch. First, plug it to a charger for a few minutes. Most of smartwatch has a battery life issue, the more complete function watch the short battery life. The battery becomes impure after charging every day. If your watch’s battery life is almost dead and you let the battery drain out, the power button won’t respond you anymore. To fix such issue, you just need to plug it to a charger for a few minutes. Don’t turn it on immediately. After a while, you can turn it on and it will work normally. But you’d better charge it when it is power on. I also heard someone complaining that their watch can not charge anymore. You can change another usb port or change another usb cable and be aware of the metal in the dock, you may probably break the back cover. Second, disconnect the battery or cut off the power. Android watch or tethering watch OS is not as Android Wear OS stable, sometimes it maybe hard-freeze and can’t respond. You can hear the sound, when you press the button, but the screen remains black. This can be

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NO.1’S Pro Plans to Dominate 2017

Happy Chinese new year. The new year is now in full swing. You smartwatch enthusiasts may be interested in the trend of the smart watch industry. You may heard that the decrease of wearable market in 2016. You may also heard that Pebble company has been acquired by Fitbit, Motolora is not planning to make a new Moto 360 smartwatch anytime, etc. They said that the smartwatch marketing is dying. You can also see from the reduction in sales of smartwatch. So what can we expect for NO.1 Smartwatch?Is smartwatch really dying? No! I can’t deny the decrease of the smartwatch market, but you should realize that smartwatch is a high-end technical product, not every one can afford it. You can also see from the Apple, Samsung, Tag Heuer, Casio, Huawei, etc their plans for 2017. Apple watch 3 the rotating bezel, Samsung Gear S4, Tag Heuer and Casio’s Android Wear. Fitbit’s CEO has confirmed that they are planning for the smartwatch.  Every well-known brands all focus on the Android Wear 2.0. They are all ready to compete the 2017  dominance. Even Google and HTC these well-known smartphone manufactures are going to launch the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch. So what we can expect for NO.1 Smartwatch? NO.1 has released over ten models of smartwatch. All these watches can be divided  to two. Tethering watch and standalone watch phone. Last year, Android watch has an important update. Now the round screen has a chance to change to square format. And about the mtk2502 watch we have

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