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December watchfaceup contest

Merry Christmas! Awesome! We are almost on vacation season. Santa is picking the list, the Nice list and the Naughty list, I know I’m on which one. :p Hope all the Nice kids can receive a gift. OK, we’ll go on this contest and provide some gifts. Here is  the details. The creator of the most downloaded VXP watchface will get a free Gs8. The creator of the most downloaded Android watchface will get a free F5.(Creator must upload 6 watchface , and at least one of them got 400 downloads) What is F5?   The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code, the one who uploads more than 12 watchface and at least one of them gets 300 downloads will get a 30% off coupon code. The coupon code will be available at NO.1 official online store. (There will be five coupons at most) Anyone who uploads more than 5 watchface will get a free strap. :p If you don’t know how to create a watchface, you can get a gift here. *Don’t be the Naughty one, don’t try to break the rules*

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October watchfaceup contest

Hi all, Happy Halloween! 🙂 Yesterday I tried to create a Halloween watchface for you, haha, I’m not good at photoshop, also I don’t have much time to do this. Sorry for the rough watchface. OK, I’m here to announce the results of the October watchfaceip contest. But first of all, I have something to talk to you. During the last weeks, we detected some anomalies in the downloads number in a couple watchfaces uploaded in October. Once detected, No.1 decided to investigate the download activity on those watchfaces. As a result of those investigations, No.1 decided to disqualify both watchfaces from the contest, and in consequence they were nor included in October’s contest results. Every month, in the end of the contest’ rules we always ask you to not use any cheating method, because our goal is to make it fair. And, as we always say, No.1 owns the right of the decisions. We don’t like to take this kind of decisions, but No.1 will always investigate any situation that can alter the proper performance of the contest. This month we have 110 VXP watchfaces and 42 Android watchfaces upload. Thanks to all the watchface creators, thank you for sharing these nice watchface to us. The most downloaded VXP watchface is Tag Heuer Carrera Nismo Calibre 16 , created by Master Mendes. This watchface got 894 downloads. Congratulations! He will get a G9 as the prize. The most downloaded Android watchface is Complicated Black 2 , created by Sergey Ivanov. This watchface got 654 downloads. Congratulations!

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Watchfaceup contest in October

Sorry for the delay, we just finished our vacation. Congratulations! Our VXP face category has reached 1,000 watchface! It is good to see many new watchface creators join in this group to share their beautiful watchface with us. Also I saw many of you are interested in NO.1 G9, the MT 2503 GPS smartwatch. I don’t have the exact release date, but here I want to make it as the prize to winner, the NO.1 fan. Thanks for your like. Any news about the G9, I’ll keep you informed. And about the DTNO.I section,  I know you are disappointed about this in last month contest. So I’m gonna take a product as the prize this month. Here is the details. The most downloaded VXP face creator will get a G9 as the prize. (at least 600 downloads) The most downloaded Android watchface creator will get a G6 as the prize.  (at least 400 downloads) The most downloaded DTNO.I watchface creator will get a F4 as the prize. (at least 300 downloads) We have improved the screen, it is brighter now. The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code, the one who uploads more than 12 watchface and at least one of them gets 300 downloads will get a 30% off coupon code. The coupon code will be available at NO.1 official online store. You can only get one prize each contest. Sorry, no straps prize this month. Enjoy this competition. *Don’t use any method to cheat, our goal is

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NO.1 smart watch another wave of activities struck!

Recently, NO.1 company release smartwatch as soon as possible. About previous smart watch, naturally is not slack. And in case of the No.1 company the first product for the year is smartwatch No.1 S9 coming with a new sporty design and should offer both good looks and comfortable usage. Also it’s our first smartwatch product to feature NFC and will also have a heartrate monitor of the second generation.  The first NFC Name card smart watch NO.1 S9 have preferential price in Aliexpress. In this case, how can there be no smart bracelet? An heart rate monitor was integrated as a special feature. In addition, it is waterproof and reaches with a 230mAh rechargeable battery. With a fully charged battery operating times are up to one hundred days in standby mode. The 0.91″ OLED display clearly shows all important communication and fitness data. The heart rate monitor is attached to the underside and determines the pulse permanently. NO.1 reached with the F1, the IP68 certification, which means in the details that no dust can penetrate and it is waterproof up to 50m water depth. It have blasting price at $17.99 in Gearbest. More discounts are on both online shop. Such as NO.1 G6, F2, G3+, D5+ and so on. Don’t miss it! ———————————————————————————————————————————— Website: Facebook: YouTube: Watch Face: VK: Google+:

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The First NFC Smart Watch NO.1 S9 On Sale

The new year smart watch should have some changes? NO.1 has begun to launch the latest product NO.1 S9 smart watch. This is a new sport design, NO.1 offers a smart watch with a Samsung look. At the same time, it is also NO.1 first NFC-enabled smart watch. It will also have a second generation heart rate test. NO.1 has metal strap and leather strap. NO.1 S9 has 1.3 inch IPS screen with 240 x 240 pixels, coming with fashionable and luxurious design, it is made of 316L stainless steel case, which is more durable and lasting, it has made 216 ways of CNC processing. Of course the usual functions like pedometer, Bluetooth connection, remote camera, all the notifications etc. are present in full force. Battery sports a 380 mAh capacity and No.1 S9 is compatible of course both with Android and iOS. Since it is the appearance of Samsung, there will naturally be some contrast, please check our video on Samsung S3 VS NO.1 S9. The price is the advantage. Meanwhile, it can offer you with various choices according to its strap design such as black leather belt, brown leather belt, silver steel strip, and black steel strip. Therefore, you can customize your smartwatch in different color and different material, of course, including various online watch faces. More watch faces, you can download from our Watch Face Website. NO.1 S9 is a very powerful and practical smartwatch with high quality design. Most users would like to have a try, especially

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NO.1 F1 Smartband VS Samsung Gear Fit 2, which one is your like?

With the continuous development of intelligent hardware technology, the international smart wear equipment have also poured into the market. Intelligent device of mind, but also to more convenient services to human life. They help people to establish and cultivate healthy lifestyle. Through the Internet intelligent data continue to help people improve the health base. One hand ring class, watch the type of hardware devices are more common. Some of them worth a lot of money, some people can easily accept. So, today we look at the hands of the two bracelets, which is more worth buying. US local time on June 2, Samsung released in New York, the new sports bracelet – Samsung Gear Fit 2. The price is $ 179. The release of the hand ring with the NO.1 F1, the price was actually seven times the NO.1 F1 Smartband, which can be how to choose it? Samsung Gear Fit 2 Gear Fit 2 is the 2014 version of Gear Fit upgrade, based on ergonomic design, add GPS. This time, Gear Fit 2 new heart rate sensor, support and S Health and other synchronization. Gear Fit 2 will be equipped with a 1.55-inch @ 216 × 432 resolution Super AMOLED display, 1GHz production processor, 512MB RAM +2 GB ROM, 200mAh battery, and through the IP68 level waterproof certification (meaning the device can be 1.5 Meters deep in the water for half an hour). Added GPS, new heart rate sensor, can display the time, steps, calories, the current active state.

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NO.1 F1 SmartBand How to Connect with APP?

In the past, NO.1 specialized in smartphone production, but currently, it’s a famous smartwatch manufacturer. After those competitive smartwatches, NO.1 has also released its first smartband, NO.1 Smartband F1, which claims it will be better than Xiaomi Miband 2. It will be the best budget band for everyone, especially those athlete, outdoors lover. Then, on the NO.1 F1 SmartBand how to connect APP and expand the function of the bracelet. We will have a detailed explanation. The way that NO.1 F1 SmartBand is connected to APP ( Android / IOS). It is including 2 parts. How to download and install the APP -( Three different ways, you can choose one) (1) Search APP Name ” Fitness bracelet” in the Google Play or Apple Store. And install Fitness bracelet on our smart phone. Android                                                                         IOS                          (2) Scan the QR code directly in the NO.1 F1 SmartBand Instructions. Download and install ” Fitness bracelet”.                    (3) Scan the QR code directly in the NO.1 SmartBand. Download and install ” Fitness bracelet“.                      2. How to Connect (1) Open the APP Settings Icon. Then Open the Bluetooth. (2) Open the APP and Set up our profile. Start a healthy journey! Plan a daily exercise goal and

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The 11.11 Crazy Shopping Festival for No.1 Smart watches

The 11.11 Shopping Festival takes place on November 11. People are crazy to take part in the shopping event. Now it isn’t only the Chinese Shopping Festival, but already becomes a global shopping festival, it even has became the world’s most lucrative online shopping day! As a popular smartwatch brand, No.1 offers big sales for each models, including the newest No.1 G5 and G6, they will bring eye-opening online shopping experience for consumers. Knowing more details you can visit our official website: We sincerely wish you to have a happy day on November 11. This is going to be a mighty deal storm, so don’t miss the chance to get No.1 Smart watches with amazing deals. There are so many models are available with deals just go ahead and choose your favorite model. You can start your orders directly through the following online stores.   No.1 G5 Smart watch with sport style, MTK2502, Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with IOS and Android system, it only cost $28.99 on Smartwears: No.1 G6 Smart watch with MTK2502, Bluetooth 4.0, Heart Rate Monitor, Sports Fitness Tracker, compatible with IOS and Android, it only cost $30.00 on Aliexpress, you can buy from: No.1 G6 Smart watch priced at $33.99 on Banggood: Most models including No.1 S2, A10, G5, G6, D5, D5+ has a great discount on Geekbuying: No.1 smartwatch models have a great discount, including No.1 G2, G3, G4, G6, D3, D5, D6, D5+,S2,S3, the newest smartband No.1 F1 also presale on

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Smart watch A Key Get?

With the development of smart phones, around the smart phone products are more and more. Smart wear Device is one of them. Smart wear Device is the traditional watch and smart phone features associated with the combination. So that users have the watch to see the time function. At the same time, it also has a sports products, mobile phone part of the function. Smart watches as a product of Smart wear Device, but also many users choose to buy a smart watch products. With the smart watch on the market increasing year by year, how to choose smart watches become a lot of trouble with the problem. Today, we will introduce how to choose the smart watch. Now on the market smart watch operating system mainly including the Apple Watch watch OS, Samsung Tizen, Google Android Wear on base, as well as third-party options such as NO.1. Mention NO.1, many people are not unfamiliar. Before we have seen the news of this brand of smart watches. Although not a mainstream brand, at least the market has become a small bright spot in Apple and Samsung two dominate. Although iwatch as a product of Apple smart wear. Personally feel that is not enough classic enough. We choose Smart watches just like choose the general watch. First look at the shape design and workmanship, because these two aspects will directly determine the majority of the first sensation. Second look at the system. Watch system is consistent with our daily operating habits. It can meet our daily functional needs. Finally, we must focus on power. Power will directly determine the length of time we

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Activity preview about NO.1 G5 Smart watch

Nowadays, Smartwatches are getting much popular than smartphones as they are offering much more than people expected. And as usual, NO.1 as intelligent wear leader, will be innovative in a variety of watches. NO.1 G5 has appeared in our field of vision for some time. Do you still like it? No.1 G5 smartwatch supports both Android and iOS. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0. This smartwatch allows you to control the camera of your device through remote camera option on the watch. About this NO.1 G5 Smart watch, we will soon have a wave of promotional activities on Aliexpress with our partner online shop. The affordable price is $29.99. The activity time is from October 26 to October 27. Such a good price, do not miss! Buy from: ———————————————————————————————————————————— Webiste: Facebook: YouTube:

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