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Top 5 Best smartwatches you should not miss in 2017

Worldwide smartwatch market declined in 2016. Someone said 2016 wasn’t a bumper harvest year for smartwatches. “Consumers have held off on smartwatch purchases since early 2016 in anticipation of a hardware refresh, and improvements in WatchOS are not expected until later this year, effectively stalling existing Apple Watch sales,” said Jitesh Ubrani, senior research analyst for IDC Mobile Device Trackers. “Apple still maintains a significant lead in the market and unfortunately a decline for Apple leads to a decline in the entire market. Every vendor faces similar challenges related to fashion and functionality, and though we expect improvements next year, growth in the remainder of 2016 will likely be muted.” Just like JU said, every smartwatch manufacturers faces this challenge and work for the improvements this year 2017. So, what smartwatches you should wait for? Let’s talk about the best upcoming smartwatches. 1.Apple watch series 3 Apple probably is working on the circle display for Apply watch. In early December, reports spread that Apple patent filings revealed their work of circle display. It is said that ‘Electronic device having a display with curved edges’ is what they focus on. It works similar to a normal display, maybe there would be a rotate bezel function just like the samsung S3.   2.HTC Halfbeak HTC could finally be ready to make their first Android wear smartwatch. HTC Android smartwatch’s official market release delayed again due to technical design issues. This rumor has been showing for some time, but still do not appear. But according to the leaked images

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Apple Watch rival : NO.1 G3+ Smart watch

What are your needs for the current smart table? The appearance of the size of the thickness to be close to the traditional table, life is not too bad, there should be texture, round, App application should be more cool enough? These conditions we look to the two AW systems (Apple Watch and Android Wear). Seems to be temporarily unable to find a reasonable answer. However, very early on into the smart watch market NO.1. In the recently, NO.1 gave us an extremely attractive new products Smart watch No. G3 +. At the same time, this watch is an upgraded version of NO.1 G3. NO.1 G3 + front is a 1.3-inch, resolution 240 x 240 round IPS screen. The screen size compared to moto360 to be slightly smaller. But NO.1 G3 + screen maintained a pure circular shape. The hardware platform is MTK2502. If you do not look carefully, it is difficult to notice that the top of the dial hidden a “bezel.” NO.1 called it “analog bezel.” It is the traditional watch on the rotating bezel is somewhat similar. However, the function of the two is very different. The traditional watch on the rotating bezel function only has a “look” role. Only allow users to time, adjust the time difference or decoration. But the biggest function of analog bezel is not decorative. A new way of interacting. NO.1 is also used in smart watches, the biggest innovation. Analog bezel feel quite good. Each rotation to a node will be accompanied by a

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Top 5 best smartwatch 2016

What could a smartwatch do? Generally, smartwatch is a smartphone companion device. It supports notifications, call alerts, message, fitness features, app and other information. And of course, it could tell the time. With the development of smartwatch industry, more and more watches have been released in the market. You may be confused about which one is better, here I want to present the top 5 smartwatch in 2016. 1.Apple watch sport System on a chip: Apple S1, initial operating system, watchOS 1.0 which makes the watch easy to use and quality construction.  8 GB storage means plenty of apps.42 mm display is really big display as a watch. 246mAh battery and only compatible with IOS are the big limitation. But the square frame with black strap is really nice out looking.   2.Samsung Gear S2 The most attractive thing is the rotating bezel and unique circular interface, awesome operation make it easily access your apps and notifications. Super AMOLED screen and wireless charging both are the standout feature. Compatible with most Android smartphones which is also a good feature. Unique rotating bezel and classic modeling makes it the awesome watch.   3.Pebble Time Smartwatch This watch is the most rugged one in  this list. With water resistant to 30 meters and shockproof, you can use in any occasions. 7 days battery life is also the longest battery life in this list. Compatible with Android 4.3 and above,but lack of apps. All in all, Pebble Time is the best square smartwatch.   4.NO.1 D5+ Quad-core MTK

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HTC Smartwatch Photos was Leaked

Recently, a Weibo user has posted a number of HTC mystery watch photos. From these photos, we can see this watch with a round dial, strong appearance, the material of strap also looks very texture. However, at present this HTC watch can be successfully released is still unknown. It is understood that as early as last year we’ve heard the news of the HTC watch, but now have not been able to officially release. For the current smart watch market, due to Moto 360, Apple Watch and other more competitive products, even though HTC release its watch, the pressure should also be very big. Our company also has a lot of round dial smart watches, not only with a low price, but also looks beautiful and fine workmanship, powerful functions. Such as No.1 D5 and D5+ Smart watches, they are popular with many users. Hotly welcome customers all over the world to consult and order. More watches and information, please visit our official website: More discount info and giveaway please subscribe our Google+ account:

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Compare No.1 Smartwatch with Apple Watch

Nowadays,many people are attracted by the great multifunction of smartwatchesand dependent on using them. Smartwatches are turning to be a part ofpeople’s everyday life. Smartwatches as a fashion symbol, get moreand more people’s favorite. If you still don’t have a smartwatch, youshould probably start thinking of having one. Manymanufacturers compete in the field of smartwatch, No.1 smartwatch &smartphone manufacturer is one of them. Faced with such fiercecompetition, as a manufacturer of android smartwatch, we are alwayslearning and growing. Lookingover smartwatch market, there’s no doubt that Apple Watch iscurrently the most popular smartwatches on the market, but it alsohas some disadvantages. First,it can’t compatible with IOS and Android system, run its applicationsoftware will need to rely on iphone processor, if left iphone, AppleWatch its use value will be greatly reduced. In other words, if youwant to use the Apple Watch, you must buy an iphone. But our companyhas several smartwatches can solve the problem, such as No.1 D5smartwatch. It can be perfectly compatible with IOS and Androidsystem. Therefore, a watch which can be perfectly compatible withandroid and IOS system may be a good choice. What do you think? Second,as everyone knows, its battery life is too low, its standby time onlyabout 18 hours, it need to charge every day, this makes thosecustomers who want to buy Apple Watch keep it at arms’ length. ButNo.1 D5 smartwatch battery capacity is 450mAh, its standby time about120 hours. Therefore, No.1 D5 smartwatch battery life is longer thanApple Watch, you don’t have to worry about

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