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How do I use the NO.1 online store coupon code?

Recently, many people asked me how to use the NO.1 coupon to make a purchase in Aliexpress. I already make a short tutorial in NO.1 Google+ community. But I’m afraid that someone may not understand, so I make this tutorial with some pictures to help you understand. 1, Choose your favorite color, then click the “BUY NOW” button. 2, Review and confirm your order Leave your coupon code in leave a message for this seller bar. 3, Click the Confirm & Pay button 4, After your order is submit, the seller will see your order and your coupon code 5, Then he will reduce the price for you 6, You can see the price of your order is changed in the background 7, Make a payment Note: if the price of your order isn’t changed, please feel free to contact the seller. Hope this helps.

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