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How to create a clock skin for Android watches

I found some new Android watches users still asking how to create a custom watch face. Here I want to introduce a easy tool Clock Skin Maker. You can use it to create a clock skin. And I would make a tutorial about how to create, it is quite simple. First you need a clock skin resource,hour,minute, second, clock skin background, preview image,etc. 1, Open the CSM 2, Click add skin on the upper left corner 3, Double click image and you will get a image option in layers. Then click filename button and find your clock background image on your resource folder.   4, Repeat step 3 until all items you want in layers.   5, Click the up or down to adjust the items to make sure all images display well.   6, You can also test your clock skin in this tool, you just need to tick up the two options.   7, You can find your create clock skin in the clock skin folder. 8, Transfer the clock skin folder to your watch clock skin folder. 9, Done. How to add watch face in your watch, you need to download the watchface on your PC, connect your watch to PC,  transfer the file to the clockskin folder. If there is no such folder, you need to create a new  one. Hope it helps. You can download CSM here: You can download watchface here: And this watch face here: Thanks for reading. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:  

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How to create a vxp watch face for tethering watch?

Hello,as my previous post,there is a way to install watch face in MTK 2502 tethering watch like G5,G6,G7. Today I want to show you how to create a vxp watch face. First,you need install four program.1, MRE SDK; 2, ADS 1.2; 3, HxD Hex editor; 4,Visual Basics 2008. And you also need the Resource from zafri. 1. Extract the Resource on the desktop. 2. Open the MRESDKWizard.exe . You need type your Name and App name, make sure they are the same. Location on desktop for further use. MRE App version select MRE SDK 2.0. Click Finish. 3. Open the MRELauncher.exe . Open the vcproj project you just created on desktop. 1) Click the setting button, select the Resource, tick up the option. Click OK. 2) Click the options button, click the Advance button,delete the -g. Click OK. 4. Open Config/Default folder on your watch face project, open the Resource folder. Copy the configtbl.bin, WATCH_res.lst and the pic folder, paste to the Default folder. Then rename the WATCH_res.lst, just like what I did Face_res.lst. 5. Edit the _res.lst. Right click, use Notepad to open, then change the path of every file.Don’t forget to save file. 6. Back to MRELauncher.exe, click the hammer icon Make. Wait a moment until the Make Successful appears. 7. 1) Create a new folder on desktop. Back to the project folder, then go to arm folder.Copy and paste the Default.vxp to the new folder. Rename the Default.vxp to your watch face name. 2) Copy the preview.png on config/Default/pic, and paste

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The Latest creative Smart watch NO.1 G7 have variety wear style

Many of the available on the smart watch market are severely limited in their ability.  Almost all of them require constant connection to the smartphone to complete the work. No.1 has introduced a new model of the G7, which is not only able to work without a smartphone. But also completely replace it. NO.1 G7 Smart Watche are equipped with 1.54-inch touch screen, built-in microphone, speaker and a slot for SIM-card with the ability to make calls. In fact, it is a small smartphone that can be worn on the wrist and a pocket. Enclosure No.1 G7 is made of 316L stainless steel and is available in silver or black colors. The device is mounted in a special dock with a rubber strap or metal bracelet and can be withdrawn at any time. The user can answer an incoming call. At the same time, the smart watch No.1 G7 is equipped with a screen at 1.54 inches, resolution of 240×240 pixels and glass 2.5 D Screen. The CPU is a MTK2502 processor. The internal memory is 64 RAM and 128 ROM. The smart watch NO.1 G7 can insert SIM card and support for microSD memory card expansion capacity of up to 128GB. The battery capacity is 380 mAh. It can standby 3 or 5 days. The most necessary function is message notification. Real name display of the phone calls, one key to hang up or answer the phone on the watch. Such as Mail, informaiton, Facebook, news and so on. There will all be pushed to the watch. They are able to monitor healthe, including the heart rate monitor, pedometer, Sedentary

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