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MTK Smartwatch update the proper way

Updated! Recently we received some feedback about the Fundo apps, we found that it is hard to pair up the devices via Bluetooth since the app can’t find the watch. Don’t worry, we have developed a new version, Fundo wear.20170616. You can download it here. How to pair up watch and phone successfully? First, you need to enable the Bluetooth on both of your devices, next find the watch and connect, then go to the apps, click the search icon to find the watch, then connect. Hello everyone. Although we have already made a course about update,there are still some users don’t know how.(maybe the Chinese on the screenshot;) which makes them confused ) Here I want to make a step by steps tutorial.(MTK  Smartwatches like G2,G3,G4,G5,G6 are available) 1)Download the firmware on our official website. 2)Extract the file and open the firmware update tool folder. 3)Find the Flash_tool exe on FlashTool folder and click twice 4)Click the Option and select the USB Download/Readback(Data card) 5)Select Format FAT(disabled) then a message shows up on your screen. Tick up the Format FAT and click OK button. 6)Click the  Scatter/Config File and find the new firmware folder, select the cfg file then click Download. 7)Shut down your watch and connect it to pc with a usb cable. 8)Then a message about installing new drivers shows up on your pc. If you have installed the drivers on your pc, just jump to step 12. 9) Follow the steps below 10)Browse on your extracted files find

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