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NO.1 F5 VS Garmin Fēnix 5, Comprehensive Comparison

Last week, we went for a run with the NO.1 F5 and the Garmin Fēnix 5. Actually you will find many common ground between them. Here I’ll make a comprehensive comparison. As you see, their appearances are similar, but F5 is much portable while Fēnix 5 is a bit big and heavy.  Both of them support removable straps, in the straps you can find the convenient design to replace them. Fēnix 5 is not touch screen, but there are five buttons, light, page up/down, enter, exit. NO.1 F5 is touch screen (actually there is only a touch key) and there are two buttons, enter, exit. The touch key is fully used, you can one click to switch or long press to go to the previous option. With the other two buttons, you can handle it well. OK, let’s talk about the functions. Both of them support altimeter, barometer, thermometer and of course, GPS. First, the altimeter. We did a test last week, we went to the elevator. Go to the altimeter section, reset the altimeter. You can directly reset it in F5, but in Fēnix 5, there are two options, you can use GPS to calibrate it or manually enter the height. So after reset, the height of both is 0. I reset it in 21th floor, the result will be negative number. The result is the same, but Fēnix 5 doesn’t support real-time display, only when you are still. (Later I’ll post it on the Youtube) Second, the temperature. Garmin doesn’t have thermometer, while F5 has built-in thermometer,

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