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Get excited:Enter to win 4 Free smart watches

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday on the fourth Thursday of November.It precedes Black Friday.It is a day off for the general population and schools,most business and offices are closed,which allows staff to have a four day holiday ,so it is a popular time for people to visit families and friends.It is a good time for many people to give thanks for what they have.Thanksgiving meal often includes a turkey,stuffing,potatoes,cranberry sauce,gravy pumpkin pie and vegetables.Thanksgiving parades or festivals also mark the opening of the Christmas shopping season.     To start with,we would like to thank all of you for the continuous enthusiasm and passion towards chinawatchs blog. We are holding a Black Friday and Thanksgiving day giveaway for global fans. Prize : 4 pcs of F18 smart watch and 50% off discount for 4 people. Head to our facebook to enter:  Rules: 🔥1.Like @001phones on FB 🔥2. Follow @001phones on Twitter 🔥3. Like and share this post publicly. 🔥4.Tag 3 friends and comment below with “I just entered in GIVEAWAY” when you are done 👏👏👏 I will select winner randomly from FB fans and Twitter fans on Christmas Day .Every one only have one chance, Good luck to you!😎 Deadline: December,25th,2018   Make sure that you follow all the step🤗 No.1 smart watch is on exclusive sale on Gearbest ,up to 50% off and send lucky bags ,check it out now: For more smart watch news ,giveaways and discounts,please subscrible our website😛: Happy Thanksgiving and good luck to every single one

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Watchfaceup contest in August

Sorry for the delay, the blog always crashed these weeks. Finally I can log in and create this post. Thanks for all your hard working to create all these beautiful watch faces to us. Next week, I’ll announce the winners fo last month watchfaceup contest. Here’s the details. The creators whose watchface have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for the winner, the poll will last a week, the winner will win a Free F13 as the prize. The creators whose watchface have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for the winner, the poll will last a week, the winner will win a Free F18 as the prize. Every month, we’ll put many coupons here for all the watchfaceup users, you can use these coupons to purchase the hot-sale NO.1 products. I’ll also send some 30% coupons to you randomly. To have more winners, more diversity of people getting prizes, the winner of a month CAN’T be winner the following month

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NO.1 F13 makes life more colorful

NO.1 F13 the first sports watch with TFT color display. As a sports watch, this watch supports multi sport (including swimming), smart notifications, activity tracker, pedometer, calorie burnt, etc. The watch is highly sealed, the waterproof up to 50 meters, rugged design, scratch proof, dust proof, anti-pressure, drop proof. You don’t need to worry about the frames that are damaged when dropped. Dust proof, the buttons, the screen is highly sealed, no need to worry about the dust will go into the watch. About the display, it uses a radian mirror, TFT colorful display. No doubt that, colorful display is much better than then LCD black-white display, more comfortable user experience, with the Green/Grey/Red these three vivid colors, makes this watch a best choice for sports, makes our life more colorful. Multi-sport this is a must have feature for a sports watch. F13 supports Badminton/Basketball/Mountaineering/Cycling/ Running/Swimming/Table tennis, the watch will calculate the calorie burnt, according to your choice of exercise and exercise time. Besides, with the 350 mAh big battery capacity, this watch can use 25 days, sports should not be limited by the battery life. And for each sport the watch can storage 8 sports records, you don’t need to carry your phone while exercising. It also supports fitness track, pedometer, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, etc. For daily use, this watch is also a good choice. NO.1 Smartwatch is now promoting this watch, there are 10 pcs free products and 30 pcs half-price F13 in this contest.

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Watchfaceup Contest in January 2018

Time flies. The first month of 2018 is over. It is a good start, we have totally 206 uploads, 114 Android watchfaces and 92 VXP watchfaces. Thanks for all your hard working, all these beautiful watchfaces. The most downloaded Android watchface is Breitling Exospace B55, created by Kyrnath. It has 835 downloads. And he will get a Free D7 as the prize. The most downloaded VXP watchface is Seiko Astron SSE049, created by Vmv105. It has 960 downloads. And he will get a Free S9 as the prize. The one uploaded most watchfaces is JNascimento, he uploaded 38 Android watchfaces, he will get a 40% coupon. The one uploaded more than 10 watchfaces will get a 30% coupon. They are Master Mendes, Warley Watches, Lluiset206, J.Hessinger.  They will get a 30% coupon. Anyone uploaded more than 5 watchfaces will get a strap. DegortG, Kyrnath, Master Mendes, vmv105, Warley Watches, Hasta, J.Hessinger, JNascimento, Kyrnath, Lluiset206, Master Mendes, tutosbricolages. They will get a free strap. Thank you for all your nice watchfaces, thank you for sharing them with us. With your kindly sharing, more and more people join in this group, more and more people have fun here. Please keep an eye out on this site, I’ll open a new contest soon.

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No.1 smartwatch watchface contest in July

Hi all, July has come the new contest reopened. Glad that more and more creative watchface developers join in this contest, thanks for all your hard working, thanks for sharing the nice watchfaces with us. Thank you. We just announced the winners of contest in June. we’ve over 150 new watchfaces in the last month, cheers. That’s really a big amount! It’s a pity that there are a few people knows the Android category. Also the watchface developers do not know about the D8 and D9. For more details: And about the contest in July, here is the rules. 1.   The top creator will get a free G8 as the prize. The most downloaded watchface and there must be at least 600 downloads, the watchface creator will get a free G8 as the prize. 2.    4 contributed watchface creators will get a 40% discount coupon code. Creators must submit over 10 watchfaces, at least one of them has over 400 downloads. 3.   The upload most watchface creators will also get a G8 as the prize. The creator must at least upload 20 vxp watchfaces or 15 Android watchface. If there are several creators meet this standard, we’ll preferentially consider the Android category. Note : You can only get 1 watch in every contest. 4.   The Android watchface which has over 400 downloads, the creator will get a D8/D9, and the watchface will take as the stock watchface. There will be 2 watches as the prize,

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Watchface contest in June

The watchface contest has come to an end. It seems that our standard is too high, no one reached the standard. It is our fault, we did not make it practical. But in order to thank you for your hard work, we’ll provide 2 coupon code as the prize. And it is a pity that no Android watchface reached the standard, I’m not sure if it is because the D8/D9 is not attractive, or you did not know anything about these two watches. This month the contest of Android category will move on, don’t miss the last chance. So we’ve two winners. Kyrnath won a G6 Zeal, he submit 62 watchfaces, he is the one with most watchface submissions. He will also get a 40% discount coupon code. You can download his watchface here. Master Mendes, he submit 51 watchfaces. He will also get a 40% discount coupon code. You can download his watchface here. Thank you for all watchface creators’ hard work. Thank you for sharing your beautiful watchface to us.

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