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Smart watch A Key Get?

With the development of smart phones, around the smart phone products are more and more. Smart wear Device is one of them. Smart wear Device is the traditional watch and smart phone features associated with the combination. So that users have the watch to see the time function. At the same time, it also has a sports products, mobile phone part of the function. Smart watches as a product of Smart wear Device, but also many users choose to buy a smart watch products. With the smart watch on the market increasing year by year, how to choose smart watches become a lot of trouble with the problem. Today, we will introduce how to choose the smart watch. Now on the market smart watch operating system mainly including the Apple Watch watch OS, Samsung Tizen, Google Android Wear on base, as well as third-party options such as NO.1. Mention NO.1, many people are not unfamiliar. Before we have seen the news of this brand of smart watches. Although not a mainstream brand, at least the market has become a small bright spot in Apple and Samsung two dominate. Although iwatch as a product of Apple smart wear. Personally feel that is not enough classic enough. We choose Smart watches just like choose the general watch. First look at the shape design and workmanship, because these two aspects will directly determine the majority of the first sensation. Second look at the system. Watch system is consistent with our daily operating habits. It can meet our daily functional needs. Finally, we must focus on power. Power will directly determine the length of time we

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Wearable industry “can change”?

According to foreign media PhoneArena reports, recently broke the news of God Evan Blass in Twitter released on Google smart watch news. These two watches with round dial design, is expected to be officially open in the first quarter of next year. This watch is powered by Android Wear 2.0. These two intelligent watch internal code-named Angelfish and Swordfish. The large-size version of the former integrated LTE and GPS functions. The latter is the main cost – effective. In May this year, Samsung officially announced that it no longer produces Android Wear smart watches, and Google in the field of smart device wear has been the end of cooperation. Samsung said in the field of intelligent wear equipment will vigorously promote their own Tizen operating system, compared to Android Wear power consumption will be even better. Gear S smart watch biggest selling point is that you can directly call and send e-mail. As we all know, Google did not enter the Chinese market. So the application of Google can not be used in the Chinese market. In this case the use of Android wear system products in the Chinese market will be difficult to obtain the perfect experience. Well, the problem is coming. What is experience if you have an Android system smart watch ? No.1 is the only Chinese manufacturer that delivers complete smartwatches with a real OS instead of the Java ones found on cheap devices. The new No.1 D5+ that features Android 5.1. D5+ gets upgrades in the processor department, where the original MT6572 is replaced by the more powerful quad-core

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No.1 G6 Smart watch Giveaway on Google+

October first is the National Day of China, so we organize No.1 G6 Smart watch Giveaway. Welcome everyone participate in this activity. It will be end on Nov.1st, 2016 (Beijing time, at 6:00 p.m.). Rules: 1.Like and share this Giveaway and tag 3 friends at least in your comment. 2. Subscribe No.1 Google+ Account and join in No.1 Smart watch community on Google+ 3.Invite your friends as many as possible to subscribe No.1 Google+ Account and join in No.1 smart watch community, please tag your friends in your comment, we will check everyone, if your friends did not subscribe or have canceled subscription, it is invalid. 4.We will pick up the top 2 participates who invited most friends to subscribe No.1 Google+ Account and join in No.1 Smart watch community. 5. You can see the prize NO.1 G6 Smart watch from:–sport-smartwatch-126.html Note: 1. NO.1 reserves all rights to the final explanation. 2. Only 2 pcs NO.1 G6 Smart watch, we will select Lucky Winners at random! 3. The premise of this Giveaway is to share this post number reached 200 and like this giveaway number reached 200. If the number did not reached 200, this Giveaway will be canceled. 4.Do not use other software to brush and not be repeated sharing. Otherwise, we will cancel your qualification. PS: Google+ Account: No.1 Smart watch community on Google+: More details you can watch the video:

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