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DT No.1 Celebrates 10th anniversary of Gratitude

On December 28th, DT No.1 held the 10th-anniversary party in Kylin Villa, Shenzhen to share happiness and express gratitude to the clients, suppliers, employees, and all the business partners. Thank you for your accompany and support. DT NO.1 will continue to provide great products and perfect customer service. Before the anniversary party, people were gladly chatting, laughing and taking pictures everywhere. Many people appreciated stylish watch design and all the efforts. The party started by traditional Lion dance and drum beat show. And the CEO Mr. Wei shared his speech.” Because you shared your effort in the past ten years, DT No.1 is thriving day by day. This is just a beginning, hope we could keep growing together in the future.” The first promotion video is a short summary of DT. No.1 Company, the enterprise culture is “People-oriented technology innovation”, the brand concept is “Always put the customers first to create more brand values.” They carry out these values in their products and service. The CEO awarded best employees to boost their morale. Next, it was like product launch party vibe.10 products (F6, F4 colorful, F18, IP01, G12, and 5 new products) were presented by models one by one. People cheered and applauded for new arrivals. DT No.1 will release more android watches in the new year and improve the functions of the app. What’s more, the staff sang a song together and wished DT No.1 Happy 10th Anniversary. The party told us to live in the moment and be

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Happy Spring Festival — Greetings From NO.1 Smartwatch

Happy Spring Festival! The Chinese new year, the Spring Festival is close. Feb, 15 is the New Year’s Eve, we’ll have dinner with our families. The old will prepare Red Packet for children, put on new clothes, fireworks, laughs, dragon dance, lion dance, etc, that is how we celebrate it. When we meet each other, we’ll say happy Spring Festival. And if you met a child who said Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, you’d better give him a Red packet. Money is not the point, it is just for fun, luck, happiness. We believe red packet will bring both of us, happiness, auspicious. Wish you all health, wealth, happiness, and 新春愉快,万事如意! We’ll have a 13-days vacation, from 2/10 to 2/23. If you have any questions feel free to comment, I’ll deal with it when I come back to work.

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Watchfaceup contest in February 2018

Happy Spring festival! New Year countdown began, a few days later, it’s Chinese New Year, Spring Festival. Wish you all ‘新年快乐,万事如意!’ To celebrate the Spring Festival, we prepare many gifts. As usual, the most downloaded Android and VXP watchfaces, the uploaded most, besides we’ll set up a Special Prize. The Chinese new year watchface category. In this category, you’ll need to name it as Happy Chinese new year or Happy Spring festival, etc, so that we can check it easily. Anything relates to Chinese tradition is OK. But here I have some suggestions. This year is the year of dog, I’m sure you’ll find some golden dog figures somewhere, you can create a lovely dog as the background or the lantern or dragon, lion. You know Dragon dance, Lion dance, do you? Red in Chinese culture is lucky, Auspicious, festivity, warm, unrestrained, passionate. Better the background is red. 😀 OK, here’s the details. The most downloaded VXP watchface creator will win a Free G8 as the prize. The most downloaded Android watchface creator will win a Free S9 as the prize. The Spring Festival category, in this category, we’ll choose the winner by ourselves. 🙂 We’ll consider the downloads, but of course, it should be in line with our aesthetic. So the winner will get a Free D7 as the prize. (VXP or Android is OK) The one who uploads most watchfaces will get a 40% off coupon code,  the one who uploads more than 10 watchfaces and at least one

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