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The second generation heart rate monitor in NO.1 G6

Significant Update! We have upgraded the heart rate monitor in G6. After the 2.13.2017 as my post has published, you can buy the G6 with a second generation heart rate monitor. You can’t flash the old G6 firmware in your new G6, their firmware is not interchangeable. How to tell the two versions of G6? Here I took two photos of the two versions. In the pictures, you can see that in the heart rate monitor. There is obvious difference between the two versions. In the second generation heart rate monitor you can see the chip directly, but the old version you can only see the three holes. Check your G6 before you download the firmware in NO.1 official website. We’ll upload the new G6 firmware as soon as possible. You can’t flash the old firmware in your new G6! I have uploaded two new G6 firmware. You can download it here.(We’ll upload to NO.1 official website later) NO.1 G6 Firmware Version B : Languages: English (default), Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, SA_ Portugal, Russian, Turkish Version C : Languages: English (default), Polish, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Russian, Hebrew, Thai Please use the new flash tool to do a wired flash. Thanks for reading. Website: Facebook: YouTube: VK: Google+:

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NO.1 F1 Smartband Compare Fitbit Charge 2, Which is worth the user to upgrade?

NO.1 recently issued a low-key NO.1 F1 Smartband. Relative to Miband 2, the battery life and waterproof level are relatively high. Well,  a display screen of the NO.1 F1 Smartband with the internationally renowned Fitbit Charge 2 in appearance and function are very similar. We take a look at these two prices a difference of 5 times the product. In the end which is more worth buying. Part 1 – Price comparison At present, NO.1 F1 Smartband online shop price is about $ 26.00. Compared to Miband 2 prices rose a little. But its cost – effective is obvious. While the Fitbit Charge 2 online shop price is about $ 150.00. It is five times more than the NO.1 F1 Smartband. That is to say that buy a Fitbit Charge 2 also can buy five NO.1 F1 Smartband. And there are remaining. From the price point of view, these two products do not seem to be in the same level. But the function is not reflected in the price so obvious.   Part 2- Appearance contrast Fitbit Charge 2 and NO.1 F1 Smartband in the design is very similar. Fitbit Charge 2 uses a detachable rubber strap. And NO.1 F1 can not be removed rubber strap. Both also use a double button fixed way. Fitbit Charge 2 does not have any buttons on the body. Its body is quite smooth. Using a lot of stainless steel, looks a lot of high-end. NO.1 F1 Smartband uses a premium rubber strap. And the surface with anti-scratch

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Asus Launched its First Round Smartwatches

At this year’s IFA, Asus was the only major technology companies to launch new Android smartwatches. After released two square watches, Asus chose to follow the footsteps of Moto and Huawei, change its design of square dial to the round dial. There are three buttons on the right side of the dial, the top button specifically for Android Wear build, supporting for custom settings. But design so many buttons, feeling that influence the aesthetic feeling of the watch itself. Asus said that ZenWatch 3 battery life is about 2 days, the watch takes about 15 minutes to be able to charge from 0 to 60%. In addition, ZenWatch 3 is equipped with a portable wireless charger, put it on the back of the watch, can offer you 40% extra power. Note that, although this watch can collect heart rate data, but does not contain heart rate sensor, which is really weird; and it also has no GPS functionality, make it the ability of tracking the movement greatly reduced. If you like the smart watch which has simple round dial and contains the heart rate sensor, GPS, I think that NO. 1 D5 + smartwatch is a good choice.   More details you can visit our official website: More discount information please subscribe our Google+ account:

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