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How to use the compass in NO.1 F7?

NO.1 F7 the GPS sports watch, it has built-in GPS sensor, thermometer, altimeter. As a promotional outdoors watch, this watch also have a built-in Geomagnetic sensor, it is used for the compass. But I found that many people do not know how to use the compass. Here I want to make a short tutorial about how to use the compass. First, go to the compass function; Second, calibration, how to calibrate the compass, use your right hand to hold the watch, and then draw the shape of the number 8. After several times, until it works. Third, now the compass will guide you in the right direction.

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How to use the GPS in smartwatch F5 to start running

As you know, F5 has independent built-in GPS sensor,  you don’t need to connect to your phone to use the GPS to start running. But how? How to activate the GPS before your training? Important Update! We have fixed the Chinese characters in Google Map and the wrong positioning problem, please download the latest App version here. The latest version is 3.1.6. First, go to Sports section. Press the enter button.(the top one) And then you’ll go to the multi-sport interface.  Second, press the switch button.(Sport) You’ll go to the running section.(White means selected) Third, click the enter button to enter the running.  Fourth, click the enter button to start. The flashing icon means F5 is trying to get a positioning. You need to go to open air to get a positioning. Usually it will take 1 min ~ 6 mins to locate, the first time use will take longer and please make sure the GPS side upwards, you’d better stop in place, that’ll help the F5 to get a positioning.         When it located, F5 will vibrate and the icon will not blink anymore.  Now you can start your training. Go for a run! Fifth, click the enter button to stop the running.  And then you’ll get these options. Sixth, click the enter button again to save or delete the data. OK, now you can go to the HPlus, after synchronization, you can check the trajectory. 🙂

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