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HTC Smartwatch Photos was Leaked

Recently, a Weibo user has posted a number of HTC mystery watch photos. From these photos, we can see this watch with a round dial, strong appearance, the material of strap also looks very texture. However, at present this HTC watch can be successfully released is still unknown. It is understood that as early as last year we’ve heard the news of the HTC watch, but now have not been able to officially release. For the current smart watch market, due to Moto 360, Apple Watch and other more competitive products, even though HTC release its watch, the pressure should also be very big. Our company also has a lot of round dial smart watches, not only with a low price, but also looks beautiful and fine workmanship, powerful functions. Such as No.1 D5 and D5+ Smart watches, they are popular with many users. Hotly welcome customers all over the world to consult and order. More watches and information, please visit our official website: More discount info and giveaway please subscribe our Google+ account:

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