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Asus Launched its First Round Smartwatches

At this year’s IFA, Asus was the only major technology companies to launch new Android smartwatches. After released two square watches, Asus chose to follow the footsteps of Moto and Huawei, change its design of square dial to the round dial. There are three buttons on the right side of the dial, the top button specifically for Android Wear build, supporting for custom settings. But design so many buttons, feeling that influence the aesthetic feeling of the watch itself. Asus said that ZenWatch 3 battery life is about 2 days, the watch takes about 15 minutes to be able to charge from 0 to 60%. In addition, ZenWatch 3 is equipped with a portable wireless charger, put it on the back of the watch, can offer you 40% extra power. Note that, although this watch can collect heart rate data, but does not contain heart rate sensor, which is really weird; and it also has no GPS functionality, make it the ability of tracking the movement greatly reduced. If you like the smart watch which has simple round dial and contains the heart rate sensor, GPS, I think that NO. 1 D5 + smartwatch is a good choice.   More details you can visit our official website: More discount information please subscribe our Google+ account:

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Smartwatches are Hard to be Necessities in the Short Term?

According to a recent IDC report predicts that smartwatches shipments will reach 20.1 million in 2016. Although the figure looks great, but compared to the last year’s shipments, there’s only 3.9% growth.  IDC believes that even in 2020, the shipment number is also hard to reach 50 million. If IDC’s forecast correct, the smartwatches market is certainly becoming more and more big, but very growth slowly. At the moment, smartwatches still couldn’t become a necessity, not like smartphones everywhere. Smartwatches are difficult to popularize, there’re several factors. The first is the higher price, and is lack of independence, a large number of products on the market and no cellular network connection. IDC believes that once the technology is developed to a certain extent, lower prices is expected to be the expected thing, furthermore 4g technology is more common, the smartwatches market is expected to take off. Huawei, LG, Moto said this year will not launch new products. In this year’s IFA, Asus was the only major technology companies that launch new Android smartwatch. So this year the attitude of major manufacturers for Android smartwatches market is tempt or wait and see.   Website: Google+:

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