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What D7 can do with the Funfit?

  Do you read my previous post about what’s new with D7? Today I want to take you in depth, let’s have a look what D7 can do with the new companion app Funfit. Enable Bluetooth on both your devices. Take D7, swipe from the top, click the QR code. Open the Funfit, go to Helper –> Connected Watch. Click the Scan it. Scan the QR code and then the two devices will be paired up automatically. Wifi Assist, go to the Helper–> Wifi, scan the available wifi/hot spot, click it, enter your password. And then the watch would connect automatically. Input Assist, Click into Input field, go to the Helper–> Input Assist, enter the phone input mode. Now you can type anything you want in  your phone and then click the send button, send it to your watch.  

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