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No.1 IP01 multifunctional walkie talkie vs Xiaomi mijia walkie talkie

For those people who are keen on outdoor life, a walkie talkie is important. Xiaomi  released Xiaomi mijia walkie talkie on March 2017. Its cute look and cheap price draw many people’s attention. Let’s take a look at what’s the difference between No.1 IP01 and Xiaomi mijia. There are 2 models to choose from Xiaomi walkie talkie , black or white,minimalist design. The mijia walkie talkie is packed with some powerful features, 8 days stand by,17hours of consistent use, and a huge 10 km range. As for two way communication, Xiaomi mijia works fine with 20 channels on your hands. It uses UHF frequency range of 403-470 mhz and VHF  frequency range of 136-174mhz.They can automatically filter out noise and interference signals. You can use this in a plain area within 9-10 km, if you are in the city with too much chaos and buildings, the range will be 5-6 km. At the front, we got a small display, below that you got 4 buttons, one for option, one for selection ,one for go back and one for slide up down the menu. If you feel bored in the wild open area, you can open the FM radio to know some news or music.And if you link Xiaomi mijia to a app Mi ptt, you can get to know your specific position. The normal charging time is 3 hours with 2600mah battery power. As for the interface, the display is Chinese now, you need to upgrade English firmware via app

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No.1 IP01 World’s First Walkie Talkie Case

No.1 is a company which attaches great importance to smart watchs and phones. Now, it released its latest product No.1 IP01 walkie talkie case,16 channel intercom communication ,3500 mah battery power bank and 3 anti design phone case. The company is currently hosting a giveaway on their official website, you can check it out to win one of 5 free IP01 walkie talkie case. And they started preorder on Indiegogo, you can subscribe to get a early bird 27 % off discount.   Let’s back to the topic. The case is a little bit thick due to walkie talkie feature and 3 anti design.It consists of 2 layers,and It can protect your iphone from damages, scratches and fall in all sides。 A broken screen of iphone costs more than other mobiles.You can rest assure with this new device. There will be 2 colors ,black with green and black with orange.It comes with 3 sizes,4.7 inch , 5.5 inch and iphone X size. It is well known for that the battery of the iphone is desirable, comparing to other phones in mobile market. IP01 can make it more robust and ensure a long battery life for your daily use. As a walkie talkie role, there are 4 buttons which are up, fun, v/m and  down , and a small LED display.A total of 16 channels is stored and it supports 400-470 mhz hardware intercom.All these functions makes it possible for your iphone to outdoor use.You can explore anywhere and communicate everywhere.

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Watch face up contest in September

First, thanks all for your efforts and continuous attention for watch face up contest. We hope that more people will join our contest and get to know the smart watch field. We appreciate all the creativity and beautiful results. The summer comes to its end, this time we choose autumn (fall) as the topic of watch face up contest. Autumn is my favorite season due to mild temperature ,beautiful leaves and a time of harvest. What is your favorites about autumn? So let your imagination run wild to express the topic. Watch face up contest website: Here are the details: 1 The creators whose watch face have over 600 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for winners, the poll will last for a week, the winner will win a Free F18 as the prize. 2 The creators whose watch face have over 400 downloads can join in the poll, all the people can vote for winners, the poll will last for a week, the winner will win our latest No.1 IP01 as the prize. 3 We have discounts and sales for all the watch face up users now and then, you can stay tunned to our page .And I will send 30% off coupons to you guys randomly. 4 In order to keep the diversity of winners, the winner of a month can not be winner of the following month.

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