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Why can F3 be used for one year?

NO.1 F3 smartwatch supports IP68 waterproof, removable straps, one year battery life, no need of charge. With the vivid colorful straps, the beautiful design, this watch is favor by many users. So you may wonder why this watch could last so long, while others like the MT2502 watches or Android watches can only last one or two days. You know all these watches support notifications, pedometer, remote camera, calorie, etc. Although the Android watches and MT2502 watches are more powerful and functional, F3 is also useful and featured. With these useful features, why F3 could last one year without charging? The most different thing is the hardware, F3 uses the most power saving chip German Dialog DA14580, this chip is mainly used for bracelet, as you know bracelet is more power saving than the watch, that is the main reason. And although F3 is thin and light, the battery capacity of F3 is 240 mAh, that’s really a big capacity for such smartwatch. Big battery capacity, low power consumption hardware, that’s how long-battery-life works. And besides, the screen. MT2502 and Android watches all use a touch screen, while F3 uses a digital LCD screen. Nowadays touch screen are used for almost all the device, it is very convenient and useful, it makes the device more powerful and portable. Yes portable, remove the buttons to release the space, especially for the smartwatch industry. So you may think that the digital LCD screen is something out of date, why NO.1 would like to use

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NO.1 D7 Firmware

Update! There is a 6.13 firmware available, check the wireless update. This firmware has resolved all the known issues, please install it and after that don’t forget to make a factory reset! About the contact name on the incoming calls, that is the permission issue of Android devices. In some Android phones, the watch doesn’t allow to display the contacts. We’re still working one this, please be patient. Thanks We are here discussing the firmware issue and provide technical help. Check if there are something that help. User manual : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170415 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170422 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170526 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170613 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170622 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170714 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20170912 : NO.1 D7 Official Firmware 20171130 : Resolved weather and battery issues SP_Flash_tool : Drivers : Funfit : Funfit : 2.7.9 version apk :   Firmware update tutorial :     NO.1 D7 is undergoing pre-sale, price at $82.99. There are NO.1 D7 Giveaway from Geekbuying. It will be announced on 21st April, 2017. Come and join it! Subscribe to get D7 coupon code. [wnlsp_theme3 id=”2409965″ heading = “SUBSCRIBE To Our Discount” sub_heading = “Subscribe to get NO.1 Smartwatch discount” message = “” icon_type = “form_icon” icon = “fa fa-envelope-o” icon_size = “30” icon_color = “#aaefab” theme_color = “#dd5a5a” bg_type = “bg_color” bg_value = “#dddddd” content_color = “#aaefab” social = “on”] Voucher code use in aliexpress:  ,

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What’s new with NO.1 D7

What’s new with D7? NO.1 what progress has made in this new model? D7 is MT6572, dual core Android 4.4 smartwatch. Dual core? Why NO.1 don’t upgrade it to quad core, is it difficult for NO.1 to make a quad core Android smartwatch?No, absolutely not.   NO.1 did some research in the well-known brand, such as Apple watch, Samsung Gear wear, etc. We bought several watches for testing and we have found that both of these two brand use dual core in their products. Dual core means low working frequency and power-saving. It avoids the SoC overheating and unnecessary battery life draining. That’s why Gear S3 can use two days or more. D7 is dual core, it is supposed to have five days standby time. Twice times longer than D5+ standby time. You don’t need to charge it everyday. D7 uses a 316L steel frame with unique Oyster type triangle pits, which is the first attempt of Android watch.   As any other Android watches, D7 supports Google maps, but D7 has built-in compass, with the compass and altitude, GPS navigation will be more accurate.   What’s more, the Tracker feature can record the steps, equals, distances. D7 supports sports activities synchronization, you can share your daily activities with your friends. You can also use the second-generation heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate.   D7 has a big storage 1G RAM and 8G ROM. It supports variety of apps and of course watch face. And anything special in D7?   Yeah, D7

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