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Top 5 best smartwatch 2016

What could a smartwatch do? Generally, smartwatch is a smartphone companion device. It supports notifications, call alerts, message, fitness features, app and other information. And of course, it could tell the time. With the development of smartwatch industry, more and more watches have been released in the market. You may be confused about which one is better, here I want to present the top 5 smartwatch in 2016. 1.Apple watch sport System on a chip: Apple S1, initial operating system, watchOS 1.0 which makes the watch easy to use and quality construction.  8 GB storage means plenty of apps.42 mm display is really big display as a watch. 246mAh battery and only compatible with IOS are the big limitation. But the square frame with black strap is really nice out looking.   2.Samsung Gear S2 The most attractive thing is the rotating bezel and unique circular interface, awesome operation make it easily access your apps and notifications. Super AMOLED screen and wireless charging both are the standout feature. Compatible with most Android smartphones which is also a good feature. Unique rotating bezel and classic modeling makes it the awesome watch.   3.Pebble Time Smartwatch This watch is the most rugged one in  this list. With water resistant to 30 meters and shockproof, you can use in any occasions. 7 days battery life is also the longest battery life in this list. Compatible with Android 4.3 and above,but lack of apps. All in all, Pebble Time is the best square smartwatch.   4.NO.1 D5+ Quad-core MTK

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Who will occupy the dominant position in the future wearable market?

‘Motorola will not produce more smart watches’ ‘Fitbit is going to buy Pebble’ Recently, such news have a huge impact on us. As the development of wearable industry, many companies have competed to gain our doll. Motorola, Fitbit, Pebble, these companies are the success one. The Motorola company said that they had no plan to develop more products of smartwatch, because the sales of these watches were not as the expectation. And they will not release new model in the next year. Fitbit is buying smartwatch maker Pebble for an undisclosed amount. Pebble Time has gone. What would happen to Pebble devices? What does Pebble Time joining Fitbit mean to us? We could only imagine. Why these successful manufacturers would meet such plight? Because the wearable market is slowing down. Because the price of Android Wear is quite expensive for many people. But with the progress of the times, wearing a smartwatch is a trend of intelligent life. Fortunately, as Android watch development, smartwatch become much cheaper and affordable.We could enjoy the features that Android Wear could provide. We could get a more convenient user interface. You can install custom ROM, you can create watchface, you can install other launchers. All these make our watch more functional and beautiful. Who would occupy the dominant position of the wearable industry? IMHO, Android watch would take the position! More details:

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HTC Smartwatch Photos was Leaked

Recently, a Weibo user has posted a number of HTC mystery watch photos. From these photos, we can see this watch with a round dial, strong appearance, the material of strap also looks very texture. However, at present this HTC watch can be successfully released is still unknown. It is understood that as early as last year we’ve heard the news of the HTC watch, but now have not been able to officially release. For the current smart watch market, due to Moto 360, Apple Watch and other more competitive products, even though HTC release its watch, the pressure should also be very big. Our company also has a lot of round dial smart watches, not only with a low price, but also looks beautiful and fine workmanship, powerful functions. Such as No.1 D5 and D5+ Smart watches, they are popular with many users. Hotly welcome customers all over the world to consult and order. More watches and information, please visit our official website: More discount info and giveaway please subscribe our Google+ account:

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Do You Have a Smartwatch?

Last week, I did a survey on Google+ Community. The survey content is: Do you have a smartwatch? What was your first smartwatch? What do you think about it? Please comment. Now, from the outcome of the vote, we can see that there are only 31% people have smartwatch, in other words, the vast majority of people do not have a smartwatch. The rate is less than I had expected. From the comments, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear S are most frequently mentioned. There’s no doubt that both of them are famous brand, they play a dominant role in smartwatch market, but there are other brands into the smartwatch market, such as Sony, Huawei, LG and so on. Obviously, the smartwatch market is very competitive. Of course, smartwatch market as an emerging market, it has a huge development space and market potential. So let’s look forward to its development. Welcome to visit and subscribe our official Google+ and participate in the vote.    

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