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Watchfaceup Contest in September

Hello all, yes, I’m here to announce the winners of the watchfaceup contest in September. Maybe you already know, if you’re a some kind senior user of watchfaceup, you’ll think out the winners through your daily browse. OK, we have totally 7 winners. Kyrnath’s TAG Heuer Modular Kingsman (from the movie Kingsman The Golden Circle) The most downloaded VXP face, Kyrnath will get a free G7 as the prize. Al Rod’s Lamborghini AR The most downloaded Android watchface, Al Rod will get a free F4 as the prize. Master Mendes who uploaded most VXP watchface and AlexSadov  who uploaded most Android watchface, they will get a 40% off coupon code. (it’s a pity that there is no DTNO.I logo watchface) The straps giveaways, we have 6 winners, AlexSadov, Deanj, Master Mendes, Kyrnath, Sinful96, vmv105, they will get a free straps. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your nice watchface with us, thanks for doing the requests for us. We’ll improve our contest rules to make it more pleasing.

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Watchfaceup contest in July

Congratulations! This month we have 180 submissions, 155 new beautiful vxp watchface and 25 awesome Android watchface! The most download watchface is created by Kyrnath, TAG Heuer Black Phantom (includes night mode), it has 896 downloads. You can download it here. The most downloads Android watchface is created by Al Rod, No1 Connected Hybrid AR, it has 535 downloads, you can download it here.   Congratulations! Kyrnath will get a Gs8 as the prize and Al Rod will get a D8. And the one who uploaded most watchface is Master Mendes.  He uploaded 49 watchface! Thanks for his hard working, he will get a Gs8 as the prize! Get his nice watchface : There are also many watchface creators made many contribution to this site, in order to thank for their hard working. We decide to give them a 40% coupon code. Alexander Sadovnikov, Sinful96, congratulations. Thanks for your hard working, thanks for sharing your nice watchface with us. The upcoming contest will be more completed, all of you will get a reward. Please keep an eye out on this site.  

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