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How to use the Fundo Wear app to install VXP watchface?

As you know, usually we use Fundo wear for notifications, but Smartdevice app for watchface installation. And the most inconvenient thing is the incompatibility between Fundo Wear and Smartdevice. But Kadeshar has developed a method that you can use the Fundo wear to install VXP watchface. For Example, i will use this Citizen Watchface ( After you extract it you have 3 files: citizen.png citizen.vxp citizencfg.xml Step 1 – Rename all files to this: default_citizen240_240.png default_citizen240_240.vxp default_citizen240_240.xml Step 2 – Open file default_citizen240_240.xml and change few parameters ( it’s marked with red color)Original file: Code: <appconfig> <category>local</category> <appname>citizen</appname> <recevier_id>citizen</recevier_id> <vxp num = ‘1’> <vxpname platform = ‘install’>citizen.vxp</vxpname> </vxp> <package>null</package> <iconname>citizen</iconname> <download_url>null</download_url> <version>00005</version> </appconfig> Changed file: Code: <appconfig> <category>local</category> <appname>citizen</appname> <recevier_id>citizen</recevier_id> <vxp num = ‘1’> <vxpname platform = ‘install’>default_citizen240_240.vxp</vxpname> </vxp> <package>null</package> <iconname>default_citizen240_240</iconname> <download_url>null</download_url> <version>00005</version> </appconfig> Step 3 -Copy new files into your phone in appmanager folder, open Fundo Wear application and new Watchfaces should be there Credits :

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NO.1 G6 new firmware

So this is the G6 new watchface firmware. You can download it here. There are five watchfaces in the new firmware, one old watchface with four new beautiful watchfaces. How to use these new watchface? Please download the firmware and make a firmware update manually. You can follow this tutorial to update your watchface. Warning! Your watch must have enough battery life for firmware update, 50 % is OK. Sorry this firmware only works with G6 second generation heart rate version. Any question about how to make a firmware update, feel free to ask. If you want a quicker reply, you can come here, I’ll try my best to help you.

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Watchfaceup contest in August

As the watchfaceup becomes more and more popular, there are more and more users, watchface developers join in this big community. In order to get more people to win this game, we discussed again and again, finally an idea came out. The RULES of August watchfaceup contest : The top creator will get a free Gs8 as the prize, the most downloaded watchface must have at least 600 downloads, the watchface creator will get a free Gs8. The Android watchface which has over 400 downloads will also get a Gs8 as the prize.           New category : watchface with DT NO.I logo The one which submits at least 5 watchface with DT NO.I logo on it and at least one of them has 400 downloads(200 downloads for Android), the creator will get a Free What’s F4, please check this : Straps prize. Anyone submits over 5 watchfaces will get a free straps. What kind of straps? Please do not use any method to deceive, which is unfair to other surface creators. Cheers.

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NO.1 MT2502 watchface now supports heart rate and steps

Good news! The MT2502 watchface now supports heart rate and steps. It supports date, battery level and the heart rate, steps, all these features. You can also click the heart rate icon to go to the heart rate monitor app, and the steps to the pedometer. G8 is the first watch which supports this feature.(at least among the NO.1 products) And we know some of you NO.1 G6 users are tired of the ugly stock watchface, especially the football watchface. We are going to release some firmware to replace the watch face with a nice one, which supports heart rate and steps. Please comment what kind of watch face do you like, if possible, images will help a lot. Thanks. Have a good day.

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